Web Application Security

Adaptive application security for a dynamic threat landscape.

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Web Application Security

Application security is a must-have for every business. Today, more than ever, companies are developing their own apps, incorporating open source code and leveraging third-party applications to conduct their everyday business. The increased reliance in web applications means increased risks and vulnerabilities as well. Cybercriminals are leveraging advanced hacking techniques and readily available bots that exponentially grow their capabilities, making it easier for them to infiltrate your web-based assets.

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Web Applications Firewall (WAF)

The Oracle Dyn Web Application Firewall (WAF) is designed to protect web applications, meet compliance requirements, eliminate management complexity, and reduce operational costs for all organizations with Internet-facing web applications and services.


Our unique approach uses AI-driven threat identification and managed services to dynamically update your security posture, protecting web assets from malicious activity performed by bad actors and automated nonhuman bots. At the heart of the solution we deliver key capabilities, including:

  • Over 300 Rules
    • OWASP Top 10
    • Flexible and configurable rulesets
    • Compliance-based rules
    • Common ruleset across all security functions: WAF, Bot Management, API protection, malware protection and DDoS
  • Automated Threat Identification
  • Extensible APIs to integrate into SIEMs and applications

How We Protect You

Exploit Protection

Keep bad actors and bots at bay with an always-on, cloud-based WAF that evolves with your business

Manage All the Bots

Block malicious bot traffic and manage good bots with purpose-built, advanced bot mitigation integrated with the WAF

Protect Your API Interactions

Detect and mitigate attacks against APIs by determining legitimate requests and blocking potentially risky requests

Protect Against Malware Infiltration

Detect and deny malware from reaching your internal assets from the web

Protect Against DDoS Attacks

Defend against application Layer 7 attacks by identifying high-volume known and new threat signatures plus malicious bots

Manage from One Viewpoint

Coordinate the same policies and workflows across multiple security functions

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Oracle Dyn's cloud-based platform evolves quickly to keep you ahead of tomorrow's threats.

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