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Oracle Dyn Web Application Security services (formerly Zenedge) give application delivery and security professionals the tools and expertise they need to intelligently defend their sites, systems, and applications from a complex and ever-evolving cyber threat landscape. We use adaptive machine learning and automation to proactively combat cyber attacks for organizations, from DDoS and OWASP Top 10 to bots and API level attacks.

Oracle Dyn Web Application Security products are multi-tenant hosted services with globally distributed points of presence (PoP) and geographically dispersed DDoS mitigation centers, coupled with security operation centers monitoring and mitigating attacks 24x7. At the core of the Oracle Dyn Web Application Security suite is proprietary machine learning algorithms, coupled with threat intelligence and big data analysis.

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  • Cloud-based – no new hardware, easy integration, scalable.
  • Managed 24x7 by a globally distributed team of security professionals.
  • Intuitive, web-based dashboard designed for simple management all from one location.

The Oracle Dyn Web Application Security suite includes:

  • Bot Manager: Advanced bot detection and mitigation platform.
  • WAF: AI-driven web application firewall powered by machine learning.
  • API Protection: Advanced API protection with Native SDK for web and mobile. 
  • DDoS Protection: Scalable, hardened Layer 3/4/7 DDoS protection and mitigation. 
  • Malware Protection: Cloud-based malware protection for websites.

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