Trendslide Is Now Part Of Dyn!

We are happy to announce that Trendslide is now part of the Dyn family!

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The acquisition of Trendslide means a new era for Dyn is coming: mobile access. Check out what’s next.

First, A Thanks

Before we get into what’s in the future, the team at Trendslide wanted to say thanks to everyone that fueled the growth that got them to this point. From the start, the team had a great goal: create an awesome mobile dashboard solution for growing SaaS, ecommerce, and AdTech industry websites. We did that and a fellow New Hampshire company found that to be valuable for their growth. Everyone is excited and the future is very bright!

Now About That Future…

The newly minted Dyn employees have been working hard with their new resources on a lot of very cool behind-the-scenes stuff as we prepare for what the future of Trendslide is with Dyn. What we’re doing: combining the strengths of Trendslide as a mobile dashboard and Verelo as an uptime monitoring tool to bring you a new breed of infrastructure monitoring on all your devices and platforms to help you gain a better idea of how the technological side of your business is functioning.

The evolving system will also be able to display third party data sources (think web analytics, IaaS/PaaS provider stats, APM stats, etc.) with the mobile version including an iOS client and an Apple push notification engine.

For Current Users

If you are already using the Trendslide app, it’s business as usual for now. We hope you continue to enjoy using Trendslide while we work on these new advancements. Once we have some updates, you’ll be the first to know!