Dyn Services

Whether for startups or Fortune 500 companies, Dyn has support services configured to meet your needs – scalable to deliver the right level of support to the right customer at the right time.

Dyn Support Levels

Enterprise Service Levels

Service Levels






Phone Support Mon – Fri
8 AM to 8 PM EST †
Mon – Fri
8 AM to 8 PM EST
Sun 8 PM EST to
Fri 8 PM EST
24/7 24/7
Email Support Mon – Fri
8 AM to 8 PM EST
Mon – Fri
8 AM to 8 PM EST
Sun 8 PM EST to
Fri 8 PM EST
Sun 8 PM EST to
Fri 8 PM EST
Weekend Support N/A N/A Phone Only @ $200/hr
(1 hr minimum)
Phone Only Phone & Email
Support Queuing Standard Standard Standard Gold Escalated Platinum Escalated
Response Time SLA
(does not apply to resolution time)
N/A 4 Business Hours 4 Business Hours 1 Business Hour 30 Minutes

Standard level support is included with all enterprise products. To upgrade to higher levels, please speak with your Dyn representative.

* The "Basic" support level applies to our Remote Access, Standard DNS and Domain Registration products.

† Phone support is not available for our Remote Access product.

Dyn Professional Services

While some smaller organizations can get started with Dyn using self-service documentation and online resources, larger enterprises often have more complex technical architecture and require further initial consultation and training by Dyn.

For a flat one-time fee, the QuickStart Onboarding Service enables your organization to get started with Dyn’s Internet performance solutions as soon as possible. You can be running live within hours in most cases. Note that QuickStart services must be utilized within 45 days of contract signing.

  • Includes initial account setup, security setup, and troubleshooting
  • Dyn’s technical team works remotely and implementation is done on your schedule
  • Available for both Traffic Management and Message Management
  • Optional API enablement including API specific training, coaching and review

Interested in Dyn Professional Services?

Contact your Dyn sales representative today!

Dyn Training

While it is certainly possible for customers to make full use of Dyn’s products using the online resources provided with the products, there are cases where live training is warranted. Often new users are added to our customer’s team or the use of our products is expanded to new groups within our customer’s organization.

The remote training totals four hours and can be scheduled in multiple sessions over different days. The onsite training is done in a single day and enables more hands-on use of the product and a greater level of interactive learning.

  • Training covers Dyn’s solution, related technologies, advanced features, reporting, best practices, administration, and Dyn resources
  • Comprehensive training is available for both its Traffic Management and Message Management solutions
  • Training can be done either remotely or in person

Interested in Dyn Training Services?

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Dyn Support

You can count on Dyn’s highly-trained and highly-engaged personnel to be there when your team has configuration questions, troubleshooting problems, or anything in between.

Sales Engineering & Implementation Team

Getting started with Dyn’s Internet performance solutions is an easy experience, thanks to our Implementation team’s collective decades of experience and intimate knowledge of our products from all angles.

"We'll get your service up and running quickly and most importantly, with no downtime!"

Mikel Steadman
Director of Sales Engineering

Our Technical Support Team

Our Technical Support Team helps our customers after implementation is completed, providing ongoing support no matter how big or small the need may be. Happy customers that use and love their Dyn products are what drives this team every day.

"Our number one priority is to solve your technical concerns in a timely manner with an emphasis on professionalism and accuracy."

Todd Dyer
Director of Customer Support