The Importance of Secret Registration

Dyn’s Secret Registration is a way to protect your privacy while still remaining in control as the registrant of the domain.

Adding Secret Registration to your existing domain is easy!


Click here and log into your existing account.


Click "Domain Registration" for the domain you wish to add Secret Registration to.


Click the link shown below to add Secret Registration to your cart and checkout.

The price of Secret Registration is $10 when purchasing a new domain. If you decide to buy Secret Registration after your domain purchase the price is pro-rated based on your existing domain's expiration date.

Protect Your Privacy

Did You Know?

When registering a domain, the name, address and phone number you submit must be published to the WHOIS directory. Your information is public and accessible to anyone, at any time and is required by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) as part of the domain registration process.

To protect yourself against a potential spammer, hacker or cyber criminal Dyn offers a way to display the a proxy server's information instead of your own personal information.

Public WHOIS Info

Without Secret Registration *

Name: John Doe
Mailing Address: 123 Any Street, Anywhere NH 03102 US
Phone: +1.5554445555

* Your private information is public.

I Want Secret Registration!

How do I add Secret Registration to my existing domain?

Public WHOIS Info

With Secret Registration **

Name:, Secret Registration
Organization: Dyn Inc
Mailing Address: c/o, 150 Dow Street, Tower 2, Manchester NH 03101 US
Phone: +1.6036684998

** Your private information is protected. Dyn's contact info is public, not yours.