Rethink DNS

Critical internet infrastructure for hybrid cloud success

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For years, the Domain Name System (DNS) functioned like a phone book for the internet. The system maintains a directory of domain names and translate them to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. But with more and more customer, partner and employee interactions going digital and today’s complex application and hybrid cloud environments, it’s time to rethink DNS.

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DNS With Intelligent Response

Once upon a time the Domain Name System (DNS) operated as a simple "internet switchboard"—matching the logical name of a website to an IP address. But modern DNS is smarter, using business rules and real-time data to intelligently steer traffic to your distributed resources. Is it time to boost the intelligence of your DNS with intelligent response? Learn why users will thank you. View Infographic



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May 16, 2017 // Tom Snow

Rethink DNS: Improving Resilience & Performance

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