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Converting browsers to buyers is every online retailer’s goal. Consumers expect a fast and flawless shopping experience...and they will wait only a few seconds before moving on to a competitor’s site. In fact, nearly 40% of visitors will abandon a slow site after waiting just three seconds.

While consumers will bounce from a site for many reasons, an Internet Retailers survey in 2014 found that site performance is the top reason shoppers leave an online store. The domain name system (DNS) is the crucial online connection between your customers and your business.

Improve Customer Experience with Dyn Internet Performance solutions.

  • Increase Online Retail Conversion Rates: Research has shown that site performance is the #1 reason shoppers bounce from an online store. Improve your site's performance with Dyn's Managed DNS solution to convert your shoppers into buyers
  • Provide A Consistent Global Experience: Dyn Traffic Director routes each shopper to the optimal endpoint and Dyn Internet Intelligence gives you the insight you need to deliver the best possible visitor experience no matter where your customers are located
  • Improve Customer Engagement: A study by Salesforce.com showed that 60% of consumers who respond to shopping cart abandonment emails and return to a site make a purchase. Dyn Email Delivery assures that those reminder emails get through to your customers

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