Email Reputation Management

Improve and maintain your brand’s email reputation.

Why Reputation Management?

Even with one of the cleanest sending networks in email & industry-leading deliverability for our clients, some companies need & want more insight which is why Dyn created our Reputation Management team.

Reputation Management is a consultative service focused on proactive deliverability and increased inbox placement, uniquely customized for Dyn Email Delivery customers. Quite simply, it's designed to be an extension of your email team.

Whether it’s statistics, guidance, remediation with major mailbox providers, or simply an email campaign sanity check, Reputation Management will be your navigator in the choppy seas of email delivery.

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  • Dedicated Email Consulting
  • Blacklist & IP Block Remediation
  • Proactive Deliverability Monitoring
  • An Advocate With Major Mailbox Providers
  • Weekly & Monthly Status Updates
  • Technical & Content Consulting
  • Insight & Action With Bounces & Issues

Proactive Email Monitoring

Dyn proactively looks out for your sending reputation based on our expertise and research of deliverability data. Clients get ongoing reports, tips and analysis from our team, including strategies and tactics to get email to the inbox consistently.

Remediation With Major Mailbox Providers

Our RepMan team maintains relationships with both major mailbox providers and blacklist/spamtrap operators. We also monitor email sent to smaller mailbox providers, giving you holistic insight in your entire sending universe.

Direct Access To Your Email Streams

Because Dyn has access to your mailstreams and MTA configurations, we can act quickly on problems, or simply provide insight into client-side configuration changes. Since we send your email, we know your email -- something other email consultants can't say.

Additional Benefits

Customized Reputation Management Plan

From technical to content, our team becomes intimately familiar with your email program's goals and configurations in order to provide the best possible guidance.

Monthly Performance Scorecard

Our Email Reputation Management team regularly analyzes your performance using our email delivery portal, email metrics, and third party tools, providing you with regular reports and insight.

Industry Rules & Compliance

Our team stays up to date on the latest news, notes, and rules, allowing your team to focus on everything else. We'll know everything necessary in order to keep you compliant with key industry regulations like CAN-SPAM and CASL.

Meet The Email Reputation Team

Stephen Wheeler

Stephen Wheeler

Director of Deliverability
Dyn’s Director of Deliverability (aka The Most Reputable Sender in the World) has fought the good fight to get reputable email delivered to the inbox for nearly 15 years. Since coming to Dyn, he's helped some of the world's largest brands deliver more email the right way. He's an active member of MAAWG, an association that seeks to bring the messaging industry together to fight abuse such as spam and phishing attacks.

Josh Nason

Josh Nason

Reputation Manager
After nearly four years with the marketing team, Josh Nason transitioned into a Reputation Manager role to more closely work with Dyn's RepMan clients. An original member of the SendLabs email marketing team acquired by Dyn, Josh brings years of revenue-based email marketing content and technical experience to the table.

Dickie LaFlamme

Dickie LaFlamme

Deliverability Specialist
Dickie joined the Email Reputation team in the spring of 2015, helping compile and analyze the Reputation Management reports, in addition to consulting with RepMan clients on a variety of strategies. He is the team's primary lead on technical configurations like DMARC.