Reporting Abuse

Dyn takes abuse reports very seriously and has set up the following protocol for reporting potential issues with domains, spam or otherwise.

How To Report Suspected Abuse

Before submitting, please make yourself familiar with our Acceptable Use Policy. If you still wish to report abuse, please email us with the following information:

- Subject line: Reporting Abuse: Services

- Abuse type (phishing, spam, etc.)

- URL(s)

- Relevant logging information (traffic, port scans, malicious activity, etc.)

- Proof of copyright ownership (if applicable)

- Screenshots

- DMCA compliance (if applicable)

- Any additional pertinent information and/or evidence

Dyn Standard SMTP Abuse Information

Dyn's Standard SMTP service provides a secure, authenticated outbound SMTP relay server. Unfortunately, it is inevitable that it may sometimes be abused for spamming. This information should help any recipients of spam sent using Dyn Standard SMTP to report spam to stop future spam. Spam sent through our services will not be tolerated. Several headers are added to all messages sent via Dyn Standard SMTP to allow you and us to track abusers of the service.

Those headers are:


Always has a value of "Dyn Standard SMTP by Dyn", indicating that the message was processed by the Dyn Standard SMTP service.


The IP address of the connecting host sending this message, as determined from the TCP connection.


Contains abuse reporting information, including a link to this page, and our abuse email address.


An encrypted identifier used to determine the user responsible for sending the message. It is very important to include this header in any abuse reports.

Abuse reports should include the full headers and body of the message received. We prefer if you do not munge the receiving address. We do not provide complaints on to our customers except in aggregate form. Customers are not allowed to "listwash".

We endeavor to respond to all abuse claims in a timely fashion. Providing the information above ensures that we receive your report and are able to address it in the most effective manner. Thanks for your help!