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Optimizing Performance

Site and application performance drive user experience

Every second of latency on your page load time reduces online conversion by 7% and 40% of users abandon a site that takes more than three seconds to load. With user expectations for an instant web experience at an all time high, every millisecond of latency matter. Poor DNS performance can be a hidden killer.

Every user’s first interaction with your website begins with a series of DNS queries. The Domain Name System is a distributed internet database that maps human-readable names to IP addresses, ensuring users reach the correct website when entering a URL. DNS mappings are maintained in special-purpose servers called DNS nameservers. When a user enters your company’s URL, a DNS query is routed to a DNS nameserver containing the address mappings for your company’s internet domain.

Your online applications and digital content are probably scattered across the internet. Some assets might reside in your corporate data center, some might be distributed across a CDN and some might reside in the cloud. DNS is responsible for steering users to the correct source. DNS performance and availability are central to the user experience. Slow DNS query responses or extended DNS outages can lead to customer dissatisfaction, a tarnished brand and lost revenue.

DNS Resolution Time


Percentage of initial page load time for a basic webpage used for DNS resolution.


Percentage of initial page load time for a medium complexity webpage used for DNS resolution.


Percentage of initial page load time for a complex webpage used for DNS resolution.

Dyn's View

DNS is an art and a science. Creating a highly scalable, reliable and secure DNS service requires time, money and know-how. Most businesses lack the knowledge and resources to do it on their own. More importantly, operating a large-scale DNS network diverts staff and budget from core business activities.

Dyn believes you can improve results with a specialized DNS service provider. Best-of-breed managed DNS providers have the worldwide DNS infrastructure and deep DNS expertise to ensure your success. By trusting the implementation and management of your DNS infrastructure to an experienced service provider you can enjoy global performance and reliability, while focusing your valuable IT talent and capital on strategic initiatives to grow your business.

DNS can also be used to optimize site / application performance and availability via global traffic steering. DNS compliments existing global load balancing technologies by putting intelligent responses to user traffic at the apex of the path.

How Dyn Helps

Our global anycast network accelerates DNS resolution by automatically steering DNS queries to the “nearest” nameserver, ensuring lightning-fast DNS responses around the world. We connect directly to multiple Tier 1 internet transit providers at each PoP to minimize internet latency and ensure high availability. And we employ sophisticated DNS load balancing and routing techniques to optimize DNS performance, accommodate traffic bursts and ensure service continuity.

But we don’t stop there. Our advanced traffic steering capabilities let you take full control over the routing of your web traffic, helping you deliver superior user experiences across the globe, while managing cost and risk. You can distribute end-user traffic across data centers, CDNs or cloud providers to balance performance or optimize costs. And you can steer users to specific endpoints based on geography to serve up local content, meet compliance mandates or accelerate application performance.

Best of all, with Dyn you can intelligently route traffic based on real-time internet performance metrics such as latency, congestion and reachability. Our vast sensor network collects and analyzes over 240 billion data points a day from over 100 strategic vantage points. We dynamically steer users to the best endpoint, CDN provider or cloud provider--along the best route--based on your business rules and live internet conditions.

Dyn partners with customers to help solve their most challenging site and application performance challenges. We have more DNS expertise in house than nearly all other DNS providers combined.

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