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Network Security

A stable and efficient network is essential for the success of any business. Today’s cybercriminals have armies of hundreds or even thousands of bots at their disposal to wield attacks that are ever growing in size, impacting networks more severely and for longer periods of time.

Oracle delivers multifront volumetric attack protection to mitigate DDoS attacks with the ability to detect and stop flooding attacks in less than one minute. We keep a watchful eye on several layers between the user and the web asset with common policies for more comprehensive protection.

DDoS Protection

Oracle Dyn DDoS Protection is a cloud-based solution that provides highly scalable capacity with instant attack detection and mitigation. The solution detects and mitigates high-volume Layer 3/4 DDoS attacks closest to the source, ensuring the availability of your network resources even when under sustained attack.

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How We Protect You

Protect the DNS network

Robust DNS network designed to absorb common attacks with fail-safe capabilities for larger attacks, assures web assets name resolution at all times

Protect Your Web Assets

Defend against application Layer 7 attacks by identifying high-volume, known and new threat signatures and malicious bots

Protect Your Web Asset Networks

Constant monitoring and fast mitigation of network Layer 3 and 4 attacks that redirects bad traffic to global scrubbing centers

Unique, Rapid BGP routing

New model for DDoS mitigation that ensures immediate action is taken when legitimate DDoS attacks are detected on the application network, without human intervention for higher rates of effectiveness

Global Reach

Inherent DDoS protection across global DNS and unlimited usage and protection across multiple DDoS mitigation centers for application network attacks

Measure DDoS Mitigation Effectiveness

Managed 24/7 by top cybersecurity and DDoS experts

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