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Nettica has been acquired by Dyn. Here’s all the information, contact info and Dyn product equivalents in one place.

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A Note To Our Nettica Customers

Dear Nettica (Dyn) Customer,

As a follow up to our previous communication, this is your final reminder that the Nettica platform will be shut down as of tomorrow September 16, 2015.

If your account has expired, you will need to migrate your zones off the platform to ensure that you do not have an outage prior to this date.

If you still have a running Nettica service, please contact Dyn’s support team at support@dyn.com or simply reply to this email and we'll assist you in migrating over to the Dyn platform. As stated in previous communications, we will match your service time with a Dyn product and provide you with the support you need to migrate your zones in order to to prevent an outage.

Your experience and Internet Performance are of the utmost importance to us. With this, please make sure to take the necessary steps to ensure that you do not experience an outage when we shut off the platform.

Thank you,
Dyn Technical Support