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Block malware at the edge of your network, before it reaches your web applications.

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Many businesses allow file uploads to their websites, your organization may even require it. Website owners permit their customers to upload photos, resumes, insurance claims, sign-up forms, signatures, payments, etc. Plus, users want a convenient way to share various file types. Unfortunately, threat actors leverage the same means as a vector for malware delivery; often turning legitimate websites into malware distribution and infection points. Oracle Dyn Malware Protection detects malware at the edge - before it reaches your web applications.

As an inline security control, Oracle Dyn Malware Protection rejects files upon signature or pattern match in real time and also allows you to apply rate limiting based on various client parameters to further secure web properties. Oracle Dyn Malware Protection gives you the ability to determine the size and naming conventions of uploaded files to conserve network resources, and for ease of file organization.

Going beyond traditional malware solutions available today, Oracle Dyn Malware Protection offers a flexible solution that is easily deployed and continuously managed. This guarantees ongoing malware protection; ensuring the optimized performance and security of your web applications. Oracle Dyn Malware Protection is cloud-based and offered as a 24x7 Managed Security Service. The solution includes advanced dashboard reporting giving you powerful insights into web application uploads, security risks, and critical protections.

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  • Multiple sources of malware hashes
  • Inline malware detection – upstream in the cloud - not onsite
  • No performance impact to scan all upload files - doesn’t impact websites
  • Dashboard statistics – sources of malware IP, user agents, geo’s
  • Provides visibility into file type blocks/allows
  • File type whitelist, length of filename/size, apply naming convention
  • Preventing PHP scripts from execution or any other kind of scripts
  • Blocks hacker footholds and prevents potential compromise
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