IaaS Thought Leadership

We’re leading the way for the world’s largest and fastest growing web enterprises on how to get the most value from both their infrastructure and their infrastructure providers.

We do this not only through constant improvements to our own infrastructure but also by participating in technical community events where we can share some of our lessons learned.

Key Dyn Technical Endeavors

  • DNSSEC – We’re on the frontlines of the security battlefield and one of the key weapons in our arsenal against breaches in security is DNSSEC. This important enhancement to the domain name system enables your computer to detect whether or not the DNS answers it receives are valid and authenticated answers.
  • IPv6 – Not to sound like Chicken Little, but the Internet is facing a numbers crunch. More specifically, the Internet as we know it is running out of address space to uniquely identify all of the servers, computers and other devices connected. A key solution to this problem is IPv6, which allows for plenty of new address space for new devices to join the worldwide network. We’re staying one step ahead of the curve (and the competition) with an aggressive IPv6 rollout to our network.

Key Technical Education Events

  • DevOps GameDay – What does it take to build a web enterprise that automatically heals itself? While on the surface this is about as likely as Doogie Howser delivering your morning coffee to your office riding on the back of a unicorn, there are still many lessons to be learned and improvements to be made to our slightly less automated systems that help improve their resilience.That’s the goal of DevOps GameDay: identify key test scenarios in real-world infrastructure and investigate what can be done to improve the resilience of those systems.So far, we’ve run packed events as both OSCON and Velocity (two years running!) as we demonstrate automated failure recovery in realtime along with our friends at OpsCode. See our project site on GitHub for more information on the event, scenarios and how to get started with the code.
  • InteropNET – What does it take to power the recursive and authoritative DNS for the world’s largest temporary network? A lot. Now add in full DNSSEC and IPv6 support for every attendee to the New York and Las Vegas Interop expos and you’ve got a challenge only a Dyn engineer could love. Read more about our efforts at Interop on our blog.
  • World IPv6 Day – It’s not enough to deploy new technologies and protocols on an island. To truly make an impact, it requires a collaborative effort among many organizations and individuals. That’s the impetus behind the World IPv6 Day, which Dyn helped make a reality in 2011. Read our blog post on the lessons learned.