Help Dyn Deliver A Superior Customer Experience

Original Notice Sent: Monday, July 13th, 2015

At Dyn, we’re always striving to deliver the best experiences to our customers. As part of our current efforts to improve our website and online materials, we’d like to invite you to complete a brief survey about our website and how we may organize it in the future.

Things We Want You To Be Aware Of

  • Please rest assured that this is not a phishing attempt. Dyn is conducting this survey using a trusted third party, and will be treating all responses with care. The only piece of personally identifiable information is your email, in order to deliver your $25 Amazon (USD value at gift card.
  • Please know that all of your answers will remain entirely confidential.. We will be using your responses to help us make some large-scale decisions about how to best serve our customers, and will not be following up with respondents individually.
  • This survey will only be made available to a limited number of participants. Only those who complete the entire survey will be eligible to receive an Amazon gift card. This survey will close after we have reached our response limit.
  • Limit of one survey submission (and therefore one gift card) per customer. All repeat survey responses will be disregarded.
  • Amazon gift cards will be delivered within 2 weeks time.

Once again, we greatly value any insight you may be able to provide us, as your opinions are a critical part of our continued improvements.