Integrating The JoyentCloud Platform With DynECT Managed DNS

Using this guide, you will be able to take your current application running on the JoyentCloud backbone and bring it to the domain name of your choice -- managed by the power and advanced DNS services of DynECT Managed DNS or DynECT Managed DNS Lite platform.

By bringing the power of the performance, ease of use and lighting fast scalability of JoyentCloud's SmartMachines to your domain managed by Dyn's reliability, speed and built in safeguarding you will be able to confidently take your online presence to the next level.

1. Create a DynECT Managed DNS or Managed DNS Lite

If you already have a account, head to Step 2. If not, check out our various managed DNS options and see what works best for you. After completing the sign-up process, your request will be verified from an Dyn account manager or support team member via email.

If you are just looking to try out a Dyn service before making your final decision, request a demo account.

2. Login to Your Account

Once you have your credentials, login here.

3. Create a Zone

You will be presented with your “Account at a Glance” page. Set up a zone for your domain (Not registered for a domain? Set one up through Dyn or any other domain registrar). To set up your new zone, click the Create Zone button:

4. Configure Your DNS Settings

This will bring you to the zone creation page. All that is required to be filled out is the zone name (your domain name) and the mailbox which is your email address. Then, click Create Zone:

5. Publish Zone

Before your zone is live, you must publish it. On the next page, click Publish Zone. Then confirm the publish which will send it live and complete the process of setting up your zone.

6. Retrieve your Nameservers

The next thing you will want to do is select Simple Editor from the DynECT zone editor. This will show you a list of all records in the zone. Currently, it will only have a SOA (Start of Authority) and several NS (Nameserver) records in the list. Note these are standard and should be left as is.

Make note of the NS records as these are what you will provide to your domain name registrar in order for the look ups to work correctly. If you have questions on how to do this for your registrar, contact them directly or us for assistance on setting them up.

Now that you have reached the point where you have purchased one of the advanced services, use the drop down in the Services box on the lower half of the Simple Editor page to add the service.

Add A Records

Adding an A record is the most basic way of connecting your zone to your website. For other added services, there are similar interfaces for adding in your IP address and managing those features. More help on each particular service can be found in the documentation and the DynECT customer support ninjas are always ready to help.

1. Select IPv4

The final step to the process is to add your A Records into the zone. The A record is what is used to connect the IP address of your JoyentCloud SmartMachine's instance to your domain name (which is also the zone name). From the Simple Editor page, click the Add a New Record drop down and select (A) – Ipv4 Address.

2. Enter IP Address

This will bring up the edit box for Add A Record. Enter in the public IP address of your JoyentCloud SmartMachine's instance. Click the SmartMachine name to get to the details and you will see the public IP address in the right-hand column. Once you have entered in the IP Address, click Add.

3. Publish Now

Next click the Publish Now! link at the top of the page to update the live zone:

4. Publish Zone

Finally, confirm the publish by clicking Publish Zone:

Now your new A Record is in and users will be able to go to your domain and be directed to your JoyentCloud SmartMachine instance. You can follow the same Add A Record procedure for any further servers you create.

Need further help? Email us.