Internet of Things

What is IoT?

Any device that can be assigned an IP address and provide data over a network is considered among the Internet of Things.

The IoT is a phenomenon that allows us the ability to connect devices to the Internet (and/or each other) with a simple on/off switch. This represents a level of connectedness never before seen that promises to make all of our lives more efficient, safer, and simply more enjoyable.

Imagine the ability to synchronize your coffee maker to your alarm clock, your security system with your interior lighting, and your car's navigation to your calendar. Every product you connect to the internet, introduces a new set of options for integrating it to other devices, and ultimately to your life.

The implications of the Internet of Things are far reaching, both inside your house and at the office. As you begin integrating these devices into your daily activities, it's important to ensure the connections between them remain stable. Dyn's Remote Access solution allows you to choose a unique hostname (ex: and link it to any of your IoT devices (router, security camera, DVR, thermostat, etc.) to ensure they remain always connected, always safe, and always efficient.

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