Internet Intelligence

Bringing the benefits of world’s most comprehensive internet performance data set to you with industry-leading DNS analytics and internet performance alerts.

Effective traffic management implementations depend on secure, well performing internet routes and healthy, available endpoints. We operate a subminute-collection global sensor network that constantly monitors connections to your data centers, hosting partners, cloud partners, and CDNs. The billions of data points generated everyday give enterprises unique data needed to see issues as they happen, quickly isolate their impact and create effective mitigations.

From notifications of availability outages, to route anomalies or performance degradation, our DNS Analytics and Monitoring services provide clear, timely information to empower the online enterprise to quickly identify problems promoting secure connections, consistently fast performance and higher service uptime. We provide three categories of DNS Analytics and Monitoring services: DNS Analytics, Internet Performance Alerts, and Routing Alerts.

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Real-time data

With DNS Analytics and Monitoring you get realtime visibility into the health of your DNS, including website performance as well as DDoS, reducing the time it takes to get to problem resolution.

Root cause data

Quickly identify the root cause of transit and access issues to mitigate downtime and service degradation.

Ecosystem monitoring

Complete monitoring of enterprise ecosystem data across internet-facing and business partner assets by Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) and IP Prefixes, isolating specific problems to determine fixes.

These services are deliverable via configurable RESTful APIs or email distribution. Alerts are intended to be integrated into existing or planned Network and Security Management Systems (NMS) and Network Operations Centers (NOCs). DNS alerts come packaged as Routing Alerts and Performance Alerts integrated across the same API and email interfaces.

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Internet Intelligence: DNS Analytics

We complement the world’s most trusted managed DNS with one of the world’s most comprehensive internet performance data sets. In addition to performance and routing alerts, Dyn customers can trust, but verify the health and performance of their DNS. Delivered via a RESTful API, authoritative DNS Analytics provides the ability to query DNS traffic data for your zones in near real-time and explore it by query name (e.g.,, query type (e.g., A, AAAA, MX), ASN, country-level geographic location or transport protocol (eg IPV4 or IPV6).

DNS Analytics API technical overview

  • Available for Managed DNS
  • Available for the past 90 days
  • Available within 1 hour of real time
  • Available via API
  • Data dimensions include; zone, FQDN, ASN, Country Level Geo, Network protocol (IPV4/IPV6) and QType
  • Provides query count totals for customer’s 10 busiest zones within a time range of minimum duration 24 hours
  • Provides query count totals for all zones grouped by zone and/or FQDN and/or ASN and/or country level geo and/or network protocol and/or QType
  • Provides time series data for evaluating effects of service changes
- 5 minute query counts for last day, last week, last month - Aggregated by zone/fqdn/qtype - Filterable by zone/fqdn/qtype

Internet Intelligence: Performance Alerts

Our Performance Alerts generate measurements to target endpoints and, by allowing the user to set thresholds for latency and packet loss, generate alerts when a performance deterioration is observed. Internet performance alerts use two approaches to measurement. The monitoring is achieved by using lightweight, high frequency PINGs to the target IP addresses. Additionally, we perform traceroutes to the target IP address every 15 minutes. In the event of the detection of a performance issue, the application automatically triggers an additional traceroute to provide the before/after perspective around the notification. The API also provides historical retrieval of paths observed at a given time. This will enable the user to investigate episodes from the previous 30 days as part of any secondary forensic analysis. Alerts are delivered via a RESTful API or via email notifications that include a graphical visualization of the alert. The user can configure measurements to endpoint IP addresses from any of our cloud-based vantage points installed in the major cloud provider regions.

The monitoring service looks for performance degradation and alerts on three types of events:

End-to-end connectivity

Users set a fixed millisecond threshold (e.g., 200ms), when measurements rise above it, the user is alerted

Latency deterioration

When we see our measurements fail to reach the target, the user is alerted

Packet Loss

Users set a percentage threshold (e.g., 15%), when packet loss to the target rise above it, the user is alerted

Internet Intelligence: Routing Alerts

Network prefixes experience significant amounts of operational flux reflective of operational changes made by network teams in the day-to-day administration of their networks. Notifications that tell you when IP assets change can help discover mistakes and malicious attacks in real time, maintain “clean” DNS tables with productive routes and online presence protection.

Routing alerts are deliverable via email distribution or over a RESTful API so that the alerts can be integrated into Network and Security Management Systems/ NOCs.

Routing Alerts are Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) based and include:

Route Hijack

When a prefix you originate is announced by a different Origin Autonomous System (AS).

Hijacked Subnetwork

When you are monitoring a prefix and a more specific prefix within that range is announced by a different Origin AS.


When a network is no longer reachable on the Internet by the majority of other networks


When a network is seen being announced and withdrawn rapidly by minimum of 20% of our peers over a 5-minute period, formerly referred to in the industry as "flapping."

Newly Routed Prefix

When you are monitoring a prefix that is not typically seen routed on the Internet that is seen announced by at least one of its peers.

Newly Routed Subprefix

When you are monitoring a prefix that is not typically seen routed on the Internet that is seen announced by at least one of its peers.

New Upstream AS

When a new upstream adjacent AS is seen announcing a route to your monitored prefixes by at least one of its peers.

New AS Origination

When monitoring an AS and a prefix not typically originated by that AS is seen by at least one of its peers.