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What is Health Check?

Dyn Health Check is a monitoring service that checks with a server or device on the other end of a hostname to ensure that it is connected to the Internet.

In the event that your host is down, Dyn Health Check will send you an alert via email to let you know.

  • HTTP & HTTPS monitoring
  • Email notifications for up/down events
  • Works seamlessly with Dyn services
  • Stellar in-house phone & email support


HTTP & HTTPS Monitoring

If you can connect to it in a web browser, Health Check can alert you if it's down. If it's just a temporary glitch and it comes back on its own, Health Check will tell you about that as well. Have more than one setup you want to monitor? No problem. You can purchase multiple Health Check credits.

Email Notifications

The moment that Health Check discovers a problem, you’ll receive an email alert. Using Dyn’s own Email Delivery service, you can be certain that your notification will arrive within seconds of a reported outage or restoration event.

Supports For Dyn Services

Whether you are monitoring to ensure that the security camera at your house is working, that your website's server is running, or anything in between; Dyn Health Check integrates seamlessly with the services Dyn offers.