Free 14-Day Web Security Monitoring

What you don’t know might be hurting your sites.

With non-human “bot” traffic now accounting for over half of all internet traffic, and an increasing amount of it malicious, you can’t afford to be in the dark regarding the traffic that’s hitting your sites and applications.

Request Free 14-Day Monitoring

There’s no obligation or hooks. Just a great opportunity to learn more about the traffic hitting your sites and potentially improve your security posture. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Request your free security monitoring now. One of our awesome solution engineers will be in touch to set up your monitoring on the Oracle Web Application Security platform.
  • Log in to get real-time access and daily traffic reports via your personalized security dashboard.
  • Following the 14-day monitoring period, we’ll review the result and share our insights on how to lower the risk from malicious traffic.
Helping you to identify:
  • Possible OWASP Top-10 attacks
  • Malicious (and benign) bot traffic
  • Suspicious traffic sources based on geography and known black lists

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Request Free 14-Day Monitoring