Inbox acceptance isn’t a right. It’s a benefit of doing it right.

Despite email volume continuing to rise year over year, getting email into the inbox continues to remain a significant challenge, even for reputable senders. With Dyn Email Delivery, that challenge becomes exponentially easier thanks to reliability, scalability, and ease of use.

For over a decade, Dyn has helped those with large sending needs overcome the challenges of inbox placement for both bulk email (one to many) and transactional email (one to one) through sending on one of the industry’s cleanest cloud-based networks.

Get more email into the inbox and minimize your pain points with Dyn Email Delivery.

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Increased Inbox Placement

Successfully delivering email to inboxes can be challenging. Improve inbox placement by sending through our carefully manicured and clean email delivery infrastructure, providing your brand with the ideal cloud-based technical foundation to give you the best chance at inbox success.

Improved Insight

Gain visibility into the effectiveness of your email program with our detailed reporting. Understand user engagement by tracking opens, clicks, complaints, and list unsubscribes. Along with the standard reports, custom reporting can be created by using the data provided by our API or postback service.

Protected Reputation

Sending on one of the cleanest networks in the industry means maintaining great sending reputations. We complement our network with consultative Reputation Management services that are focused on proactive deliverability and increased inbox placement, exclusively customized for Dyn Email Delivery customers.

Send your first email via API or SMTP in minutes

Our Email Delivery APIs provide the autonomy and flexibility you need from a cloud provider

  • Quickly get up to speed with our robust API documentation.
  • Account statistics and reporting available via API or UI.
  • Postback API available for tight integration.
  • curl 
    --request POST "" 
    --data "apikey=YOUR_API_KEY&from=YOUR_APPROVED_SENDER&to=YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS&subject=Dyn Email Test&bodytext=Hello World"
  • import requests
    email = { 'apikey': 'YOUR_API_KEY',
    'to': 'YOUR_EMAIL_HERE',
    'subject': "Dyn Python Test",
    'bodytext': "Hello World"
    send ='', data=email)
    print send.text
  • use Dyn\MessageManagement;
    use Dyn\MessageManagement\Mail;
    $mm = new MessageManagement('YOUR API KEY');
    // setup the message
    $mail = new Mail();
    $mail->setFrom('YOUR APPROVED SENDER', 'From Me')
         ->setTo('YOUR EMAIL HERE')
         ->setSubject('Dyn PHP Test')
         ->setBody('Hello World');
    // send it

Why do hundreds of companies sending tens of billions of emails trust Dyn?

You can count on us.

We’re built on an infrastructure designed to always be available. Your business can rely on Dyn Email Delivery 24/7.

We grow with you.

Our infrastructure is built to scale as your volume increases over time. Our team will support you through the process and will ensure you have what you need as you grow your program.

Onboarding has never been easier.

With great documentation and your choice of either API or SMTP, we make the onboarding process easy for reputable senders. We also supply full ramp schedules to ensure your email gets onboarded the right way.

Tech Specs & Key Features

  • Built for bulk or transactional email with competitive industry pricing
  • Send on dedicated or shared IPs via a reliable, clean network maintained by deliverability experts
  • Expansive API allows you to connect and send email, or simply send via SMTP
  • Onboard with a customizable ramp plan
  • Utilize simple or advanced reporting
  • Get additional help with our Reputation Management Services

Trusted to deliver by the best in the world

It’s a simple equation.

More email inboxes + more users seeing emails = increased revenue.

Get on the right side of the equation by using Dyn Email Delivery for your bulk and transactional email needs. Your bottom line will thank you for it.

IP pool flexibility

With both dedicated and shared IP pools available, our team will guide you on what's best in order to protect your sending reputation and get timely message delivery to the inbox.

Advanced tagging and segmenting options

Tag and segment your email metrics by campaign or mail stream to fully evaluate the success of your mailings. Access reports based on x-header tags, subaccounts, or sending domains.

Postback service

Use our postback service to get bounce, complaint, and list unsubscribe data pushed to our API service as soon as our system receives it, enabling you to work with your data at your convenience.

Reputation Management Service

Improve and maintain your brand’s email reputation 24/7.

Reputation Management is a must-have consultative service uniquely customized for Dyn Email Delivery customers, focused on proactive deliverability and sender reputation management. Even with one of the cleanest sending networks in the email industry, some companies need & want more insight which is why Dyn created the Reputation Management team.

Whether it’s statistics, guidance, content reviews, remediation with major mailbox providers, or simply a sanity check on a project, Dyn Reputation Management will be your navigator on the choppy seas of email delivery.

Benefits of Reputation Management

Proactive email monitoring

We proactively look out for your sending reputation based on expertise and research of deliverability data. Clients get consulting and weekly/monthly reports that include strategies and tactics to get email to the inbox consistently.

Our RepMan team maintains relationships with both major mailbox providers and blacklist/spamtrap operators. We also monitor email sent to smaller mailbox providers, giving you holistic insight in your entire sending universe.

Direct access to your email streams

Because Dyn has access to your mailstreams and MTA configurations, we can act quickly on problems, or simply provide insight into client-side configuration changes. Since we send your email, we know your email -- something other email consultants can't say.

A customized plan

From technical to content, our team becomes intimately familiar with your email program's goals and configurations in order to provide the best possible guidance.

Ongoing performance check-ins

Our Reputation Management team regularly analyzes your performance using our email delivery portal, email metrics, and third party tools, providing you with regular reports and insight.

Industry expertise

Our team stays up to date on the latest news, notes, and rules, allowing your team to focus on everything else. We'll know everything necessary in order to keep you compliant with key industry regulations like CAN-SPAM and CASL, as well as security measures.

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Email Pricing & Packages

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