Email Delivery

Connect to more customers with increased inbox placement.

Why Email Delivery?

While the uninformed may claim that "email is dead", email is still the primary communication vehicle for brands to communicate with recipients through opt-in bulk/marketing and transactional email.

Reputable customers send billions of emails a month through Dyn Email Delivery, improving inbox success using one of the cleanest sending networks in the world.

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  • Open & Click Tracking
  • IP Pool Strategy
  • Advanced Tagging & Segmenting
  • Send via SMTP or API
  • Postback Service
  • Deliverability Support

Inbox Success

Successfully delivering email to your recipient's inboxes can be challenging. Improve your inbox placement by sending through our high-quality sending network, providing the ideal cloud-based technical foundation to give you the best chance at email success.

Advanced Reporting

Gain visibility into the effectiveness of your email program with our detailed reporting. Understand user engagement by tracking opens, clicks, complaints, and list unsubscribes. Along with the standard reports, custom reports can be created using the data provided by our API or postback service.

Deliverability Expertise

Email deliverability is both an art and a science, so we back our platform with unparalleled expertise. Our teams focus on the latest in both email technology and mailbox provider trends to ensure that Dyn maintains the cleanest and most reputable sending platform in the world.


Open & Click Tracking

Get basic and advanced analytics with open and click metrics, giving you more information to better create custom-targeted email campaigns.

IP Pool Flexibility

With both dedicated and shared IP pools available, our team of deliverability experts will guide you on what's best to protect both your sending reputation and timely message delivery to the inbox.

Advanced Tagging and Segmenting

Tag and segment your email metrics by campaign or mail stream to fully evaluate the success of your mailings. Access reports based on x-header tags, subaccounts, or sending domains.

Connect via SMTP or API

Utilize Dyn's expansive API to connect and send email, or simply send via SMTP.

Postback Service

Use our postback service to get bounce, complaint, and list-unsubscribe data pushed to our API service as soon as our system receives it, enabling you to work with your data at your convenience.

Deliverability Support

When email analytics aren't enough, our experts ensure that you have the support needed to reach the inbox. We also have an advanced add-on consulting group available to Dyn clients.