Delivering The Future: Dyn’s Email Partnership With Ongage

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In the competitive world of business, sometimes a little help from a friend can go a long way: evident in the partnership between Dyn and Ongage.

Ongage was founded in 2010 by a team of email marketers who believed they could make the email world a better place for senders and recipients. They did so by creating a platform for better communication between organizations and their audiences by finding the best matching service providers for their needs.

How The Partnership Works

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The team saw a lot of potential in working with SMTPs, according to Danny Tal, VP Sales for Ongage. On the one hand, leading cloud SMTP services are expected to offer a state-of-the-art email delivery infrastructure at a cost efficient price. On the other hand, they often don’t come with a fully-formed email marketing front end with plenty of features.

Moreover, some SMTP solutions require a certain level of IT integration, which makes it less accessible for some businesses. That’s why Ongage and cloud SMTP solutions make a great combination.

“We’ve done API integration with many leading cloud SMTP services and email service provider vendors (ESPs),” said Tal. “But the kind of relationship we have with Dyn, in which we send each other many mutual clients, is unparalleled with any other vendor.”

“Our goal is to get clients on board,” Tal continued. “Given the synergetic nature of Ongage, that means getting clients both onto our system and onto an SMTP vendor or ESP. When I send Dyn referrals, I know they will make it happen which means clients start working with Ongage faster. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Answering The Questions

Tal said the partnership between Dyn and Ongage is effective because each of their roles is clearly defined. Dyn handles all the back-end email delivery, while Ongage handles the front-end user experience, which covers list management and email content management to robust campaign management and in-depth email performance analytic dashboards.

Tal said in the beginning there were questions about the partnership. One in particular was location. Dyn’s home base is in Manchester, New Hampshire, a completely different time zone than the Israel-based Ongage. Tal said this difference does not matter.

“We enjoy our partnership with Dyn because they value customers in the same way we do,” Tal said. “It doesn’t matter the time of day, we’re going to answer any questions asked of us.”

Tal also said that people worried about having two points of contact, assuming their concerns could slip through the cracks or be pushed off between the two companies. Dyn’s Tyler Craig explained there is one point of contact for everything from account managing to setup.

Success Achieved

While the two companies enjoy working with each other, the real winners are their customers.

“Everyone I know who has started working with Dyn is very happy with the price, service and results,” Tal said. “By combining Dyn and Ongage, clients get a state-of-the-art email delivery infrastructure with a feature rich email marketing front end platform.”

Tal also firmly believes that this partnership and the core business problem it solves – great email deliverability – is just getting started.

“You may have read articles about how email is dead but the truth is that email is alive and well. Every marketing manager for any small to large company understands the importance of email. Even as mobile and social increases, all of their back ends rely on email. Having high deliverability is good for every business,” Tal said.