Dynamic Steering

Automatically steer your users to the most-optimal infrastructure locations

Why Dynamic Steering?

As online applications become increasingly distributed, the challenge of delivering an exceptional experience to each end user becomes more difficult.

Dynamic Steering ensures each end user request is sent to the location that’s best able to deliver an exceptional experience based on endpoint performance and current Internet conditions.

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  • Ensure the highest performance
  • Avoid Internet congestion
  • Content Delivery Network Integration
  • Align Traffic Steering to business priorities
  • Reduce vendor costs


Highest Performance

Customizable policies ensure each end user receives the highest performance from your data centers, CDNs, and cloud providers. Leveraging a complete view of the Internet allows Dynamic Steering to avoid Internet disturbances and deliver all traffic to the location that provides the optimal experience.

Business Metrics

Frequently, multiple CDNs and cloud providers deliver similar performance to a given market. However, these providers usually differ in terms of costs. By reducing endpoint selections to those that serve a market within specified thresholds, additional rules ensure each steering decision achieves both business and end user benefits.

Consistent Experiences

Steering decisions are applied at the recursive level so that performance and availability data corresponds directly to the experience that each online visitor will receive. This means every request is optimized, accounting for Internet congestion, localized outages, and highest performing paths from their ISP to each endpoint.