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Traffic Steering

Global traffic shaping with intelligent response.

The internet is a dynamic and sometimes volatile environment, while your own network needs to continue to evolve with cloud adoption. You need a DNS traffic steering solution that gives you the power to manage how users connect to your digital assets across increasingly hybrid environments.

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Use Cases

Dyn delivers DNS capabilities that put intelligent responses to traffic at the edge of your network to support

High availability & disaster recovery

using DNS in active-active and active-passive failover configurations coupled with proactive DDoS network mitigation

ASN steering

using DNS for preference and performance-based traffic management

Hybrid cloud migration

using DNS traffic shaping

Global load balancing

using DNS at the apex for traffic decisioning based on policies, geo-location and performance


Improve performance of online sites and services

As much as 50% of latency can be attributed to the connection from users to your online assets. Our DNS for traffic steering helps ensure that your users (your customers, employees, and partners) reach the best digital asset while taking the most optimal path.

Business affecting availability

If users and customers can’t reach your online assets, nothing else really matters. Internet volatility, cloud outages, and data center down conditions can all affect service reachability. Using active-active and active-passive configurations, DNS with intelligent response can detect end-point health and move your traffic accordingly.

No hardware or additional resources required

With Dyn there are no capital expenses required, and you only pay for what you use. Support global load balancing and failover without buying additional hardware, and support integration is simple with our custom failover rules via a web service API.

Unparalleled data insights

DNS solutions are only as good as their supporting data. We generate and use more real-time, source collected data than any other DNS vendor, including registry information, IP geolocation, endpoint availability and internet conditions. Over 240 billion data points a day make our DNS more intelligent, accurate, secure and dependable. This data is also available to customers via easy-to-use RESTful APIs, providing packages for BGP routing and IP performance alerts.

Enhanced security built in

More frequently than ever, security problems are happening in the internet. DDoS attacks, route hijacks, site spoofing and other security threats are increasing more than 100% year after year. We recognize that to deliver a fast, reliable, consistent DNS service, internet security isn’t an added feature—it’s essential to a trusted DNS partner, which is why we include security protection in our basic Managed DNS offerings every day, 24/7.

Tech Specs & Key Features

  • 24/7/365 endpoint monitoring
  • Customizable monitoring intervals with TTLs as low as 30 seconds
  • Industry-best geolocation accuracy
  • Active IP monitoring with seamless query transfers for high availability
  • Traffic management expertise
  • Extreme scalability
  • World-class support

Traffic Steering Capabilities

Real-time traffic steering using policy (load balancing, failover) and real-time (performance, availability) data.

Optimize the performance and economics of your web-based applications and sites by steering user traffic based on administratively defined policies. Policies allow you to set predictable business expectations for service differentiation, geographic market targeting, traffic load distribution and disaster recovery scenarios. Dyn uses real-time and historical Internet performance data to ensure the best performance for each rule.

For real-time, responsive dynamic policies, Dyn draws from one of the most comprehensive Internet performance data sets. This allows customers to steer traffic away from internet problems and to optimize performance and costs, ensuring superior end-user experiences. Dyn’s traffic steering has flexible and easy to set variables for endpoint availability, route performance and prioritizations parameters for costs, latency thresholds and others.

Dyn collects, analyzes and correlates key internet performance metrics: reachability, latency, congestion, from over 100 vantage points in strategic ISP, Transit, and cloud network locations across the globe. Analyzing over 240 billion data points every day, we dynamically route users to the best endpoint based on geography, real-time internet conditions and your business rules. With Dyn you can assign weighted costs to specific endpoints or service providers to manage expenses and make optimal use of network and system resources.

Traffic Steering: Active Failover

In the event of a data center, cloud hosting location or SaaS service failure, Active Failover enables you to proactively implement a backup plan for services to stay up and running— all while making the experience seamless for site visitors.

Optimize the availability of your web-based applications and services with Active Failover. Dyn’s network continuously monitors the health and status of all of your endpoints. If we detect an outage, user traffic is automatically redirected to an alternative endpoint of your choice--a secondary data center, a CDN, a cloud provider. With one of the fastest DNS record propagation speeds in the industry, Dyn ensures your traffic is re-routed to a healthy endpoint as quickly as possible.

Dyn monitors endpoint status from multiple internet vantage points using a variety of protocols including HTTP, HTTPS, Ping, SMTP and TCP. You can select the protocol you want to use and customize monitoring intervals, retries, expected data responses, and other health check parameters to meet your specific requirements.

  • Control over the IP address or hostname to be monitored, the monitoring interval, frequency of monitoring probes from monitoring sites, and Time To Live (TTL).
  • Customize monitoring intervals as low as one minute and TTLs as low as 30 seconds.
  • Configure the monitoring system to check if your service is running on either HTTP, HTTPS, Ping, SMTP, TCP protocols.
  • Active Failover service is fully automated, allowing you to address issues in the background while your site remains available, with no manual changes.

Traffic Steering: Geolocation Routing

Knowing where users and customers are coming from can significantly change how you route traffic and which endpoints are targeted. Traffic rules for application performance can vary by market and by region driven by distance-based latency, regionally specific products or languages, or to satisfy regulatory requirements. By steering users to the closest infrastructure you can improve user experiences, mitigate risks and boost customer satisfaction.

You can group geographic regions into logical segments and specify how DNS requests from each segment are answered. Regions can be defined as granular as the state and province level within the U.S. and Canada or at the country level in the rest of the world.

Global Load Balancing

Dyn's Global Load Balancing lets you distribute traffic across endpoints to optimize performance, improve application lifecycle management and streamline routine maintenance. You can dynamically configure how traffic is distributed across your infrastructure, assigning weighted values to each endpoint. By precisely apportioning traffic flows, you can test out new applications or perform system upgrades and maintenance tasks in a controlled and non-disruptive manner.

Global Load Balancing removes risk and uncertainty from data center modernization and cloud migration initiatives. You can ramp up traffic loads gradually to validate the performance and resiliency of the new infrastructure. With Global Load Balancing you can easily fall back to your original infrastructure while you’re fine-tuning the new systems.

Integration of Multiple Endpoints

CDNs, Cloud Hosting Instances, SaaS nodes and even your own data centers can constitute a single point of failure when they can’t be reached or exhibit significant latency degradation between users and these assets. With Dyn DNS traffic steering options, the challenge of consistent reachability can be mastered.

Accelerate performance by routing traffic to a specific CDN or endpoint based on real-time internet conditions. Improve availability by steering users to an alternative CDN or endpoint if a primary target is unreachable. Contain costs by routing routing traffic to the lowest-cost provider based on location, time of day, or content type.

DNS Product Suite Feature Set

Feature Managed DNS Managed DNS + Traffic Steering Secondary DNS
18 Global Points of Presence
Global Anycast Network
Multiple Tier 1 Providers
Fast global DNS response time (<30m/s)
Fast global propagation times (<30s)
Intuitive User Interface
Usage Reporting per domain and record
Granular User Permissions
Advanced API
DNS DDOS protection
Geo-load balancing
Active Failover
Dynamic Steering
Managed DNS + Traffic Steering
18 Global Points of Presence
Global Anycast Network
Multiple Tier 1 Providers
Fast global DNS response time (<30m/s)
Fast global propagation times (<30s)
Intuitive User Interface
Usage Reporting per domain and record
Granular User Permissions
Advanced API
DNS DDOS protection
Geo-load balancing
Active Failover
Dynamic Steering

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