Traffic Management

A Managed DNS Advanced Feature

Why Traffic Management?

Traffic Management is a Managed DNS Advanced Feature that allows for the weighted distribution of application load between global data centers, cloud providers, or your existing content delivery networks (CDNs).

In other words, traffic going to your site is distributed among a number of endpoints all over the world to help lower latency and reduce dropped requests.

Traffic Management is a versatile tool perfect for both companies with a national or global presence, as well as those looking for a simple, weighted “Round Robin” solution. In either case, the ability to reliably route your traffic to the best data center of your network provides a faster, more enjoyable customer experience.

How It Works

If the closest server to the person making the request is experiencing an outage, Dyn will detect this and route the traffic to another endpoint in that region. Similarly, if you are aware of potential heavy traffic in a specific region, you can introduce a new endpoint with a low weight to offset load. This allows you to fix problems before they even occur.

What Are The Benefits?

  • You can use multiple vendors.
  • You can increase profitability and reduce expenses.
  • Your users will have a faster user experience.
  • You'll have a safeguard against outages.