Active Failover

A Managed DNS Advanced Feature

Why Active Failover?

If you have a data center or server failure, Active Failover enables your website to stay up and running – all while making the experience a seamless one for your visitors. When an outage is detected, your traffic is automatically re-routed to an alternate endpoint that you have pre configured.

Compatible with both IP addresses and CNAMEs, this advanced feature of Managed DNS gives you more options for your endpoint selections. Other failover products on the market may be implemented on your own servers but require you to set up redundancy and integration.

To eliminate this extra work and make failover as simple as possible, Dyn’s global Anycast network of nearly 20 data centers are ready and waiting for any traffic your website can throw at them.

Dyn: Active Failover Diagram

The Benefits

Many other failover products on the market sit inside your data centers. So if your data center fails, guess what? Your options for failover or backup also fail. By using Dyn's Active Failover service, that concern is removed.

Additional Benefits

  • No hardware required!
  • 24/7 account monitoring
  • No loss of revenue or productivity through downtime
  • Save on costly recovery efforts
  • Simple integration with custom failover rules via our web-service API
  • A web-based DNS management portal that allows you to make updates from your web browser