DNS Alias

Improve availability and performance to named resources

Optimize Your Connection to External Resources

With enterprises increasingly moving their applications to cloud service providers and CDNs, the need to route traffic to named resources (e.g. ec2-1-2-3-4.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com) rather than IP addresses takes on increasing importance. Unfortunately, associating a named resource with the root (or APEX) of a DNS zone, can lead to integration challenges with third party systems.

Dyn’s Alias record type enables companies to associate a named resource with the root of their zones without introducing integration issues or any additional overhead.

  • Safely Integrate with External Systems
  • Improve Availability
  • Geographic Performance Improvements
  • Decrease Latency

Additional Benefits

Safely Integrate with External Systems: Dyn’s Alias record type resolves the final IP address where named resources reside, adhering to the DNS specification and ensuring integrations relying on this specification function properly.

Improve Availability: Dyn’s Alias record type provides the ability to apply a “fallback” location in case a third party resource becomes unavailable. This reduces the likelihood of application errors and degraded performance due to third party resources that can’t be accessed.

Geographic Performance Improvements: Often, named resources are associated with specific geographic regions, intended to direct end users to the best resource based on their location. To preserve this geographic awareness, Alias records perform name resolution independently within each geographic region to maximize the accuracy of each response.

Decrease Latency: Dyn’s Alias records reduce the time required to resolve named resources by collapsing the chain of CNAME records that often occur, identifying the actual IP address being utilized by these services and caching that data prior to sending this information to the end user’s DNS resolver.