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DNS for Internet Performance Management (IPM)

The age of Internet Performance Management (IPM) has arrived. As more users and more online services (sites, microservices, connected “things,” etc.) join the global internet, the scale, complexity and volatility of that internet are also on the rise. Internet Performance Management (IPM) has emerged as a powerful vision for commercial internet infrastructure that puts control back in the hands of IT leaders.

IPM builds on the foundation of the Domain Name System or DNS, a distributed internet database that maps human-readable names to IP addresses, allowing people to reach the correct online service (website, application, etc.) when entering a URL. For example, the domain name dyn.com translates to the IP address of

DNS for

Business Continuity

Prepare your business for the unexpected with a resilient backup strategy

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DNS for


Intelligently distribute traffic across mutiple CDNs for maximum performance

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DNS for

Hybrid Cloud

Seamlessly migrate your proprietary infrastructure and assets into the cloud

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The Network


Dyn’s global anycast network which has 18 points of presence (PoPS) including locations such as India, Brazil, Sydney, and Hong Kong, assures high site availability and low latency.

Additional Benefits:

DNS & Traffic Expertise

Our DNS solutions are backed by unparalleled DNS domain expertise, extreme system scalability and customer support. We have delivered industry-leading web speed and uptime for over 10 years.

Disaster Preparedness

Strengthen your disaster prevention strategy and account for the potential natural disasters that can affect your online assets - from accidental fiber-optic lines cuts to hurricanes.


Hacking and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are serious threats to your organization’s online presence. Leverage Dyn's expertise in DNS security to maintain business continuity.

API Integration

Dyn Managed DNS’ SOAP and REST APIs enable the full integration and automating of tasks needed with your account, zones, and DNS records.

DNS Reporting

Managed DNS includes QPS reports and changeset reports, providing more insight into your site’s incoming traffic.


No need to buy hardware, install software, or hire more IT personnel. DNS for IPM addresses all of your current and future DNS needs, all with a low cost of ownership

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