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Although the motivations for cybercrime are broad and dynamic, today’s threat actors are primarily motivated by money. They steal information for monetary gain and they use the threat of DDoS attacks to extort money from organizations who are unprepared. As the size, frequency, and duration of DDoS attacks continue to rise, and the “ease of attack” continues to grow, organizations of all sizes must confront the risk of DDoS attacks.

Enterprises of all sizes must realize they are prime DDoS extortion targets for attackers looking to make a quick profit. Taking a preemptive approach to managing the risk of DDoS attacks, ensures your online operations are always available.

Oracle Dyn DDoS Protection is a cloud-based solution that provides highly-scalable capacity with instant attack detection and mitigation. Oracle Dyn provides two versions of DDoS mitigation: Always-On or On-Demand. The solution detects and mitigates high volume, Layer 3/4 DDoS attacks closest to the source, ensuring the availability of your network resources even when under sustained attack.

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  • Always-on monitoring and proprietary threat signaling with 60 second, fully automated mitigation.
  • Unlimited usage and protection across multiple DDoS mitigation centers.
  • Superior mitigation technology with a global footprint, defeats attacks closest to the source.
  • Monitored and managed 24x7 by top cybersecurity and DDoS experts.
  • Ideal for ISPs, hosting providers, data centers, and medium to large enterprises.
  • Suited for eCommerce, Gaming, Energy, Government, Technology, Hospitality, and Financial Services.
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Oracle Dyn RapidBGP™

Oracle Dyn has developed a new model for rapid DDoS Mitigation through the automatic analysis of DDoS alerts and deployment of routing commands to ensure immediate action is taken when legitimate DDoS attacks are detected, without human intervention. Traditionally, BGP routing changes would require DG-I to communicate network advertisements from DG-I datacenter to Oracle Dyn. Our RapidBGP technology can automatically make the necessary BGP changes after detecting a DDoS attack if we receive an alert through our monitoring systems via flow data.

Maximum Tolerable Downtime – MTD * 57 Seconds*

Maximum Tolerable Downtime is the time after which the process being unavailable creates irreversible consequences generally, exceeding the MTD results with severe damage to the viability of the business. Depending on the process, MTD can be in hours, days, or longer. In production tests, Oracle Dyn is able to detect, route and mitigate volumetric Layer 3/ 4 DDoS attacks within 57 seconds, without any human intervention. Note that connectivity to our customer router is not a requirement for subnets that are /23 or bigger.

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