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Bot Management and Mitigation

Welcome to the Battle

Cybersecurity is like fighting a never-ending battle against a relentless foe. It’s not about wiping out the threat for good; it’s about staying one step ahead.

Bot Management is a crucial tactic in this ongoing battle. Right now, over 50% of internet traffic is bots. However, not all bot traffic is bad. For example, search engine and RSS bots help your site increase visibility and provide real-time content updates. The challenge is both telling human from bot and good bot from bad. We created this briefing to help organizations take control of their cybersecurity, starting with bot management and mitigation. We asked cybersecurity experts for their best tips on identifying bots, mitigating damage, and creating a culture of security in your organization.

Quick Advice From

Cybersecurity Experts

  • Michael Quindazzi

    “Organizations need to constantly reassess environments for cybersecurity vulnerabilities that might jeopardize networks and critical operations.”

    Michael Quindazzi

    Managing Director, PwC

  • Laurent Gil

    “There is a small percentage of traffic on the internet today that is run by botnets, and this traffic’s only objective is to poke every site for vulnerabilities.”

    Laurent Gil

    Architect at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

  • Darryl MacLeod

    “Infected IoT devices seek to spread malware...We need to set limits and understand their impact on our personal privacy and security.”

    Darryl MacLeod

    Security Manager, Securicy

  • Kevin L. Jackson

    “Security for bots is based on evaluating structured input/response options for vulnerabilities or errors.”

    Kevin L. Jackson

    Founder, GovCloud Network

  • Ratan Jyoti

    “Bot Management should be built around the three basic principles of Detect, Categorize, and Control.”

    Ratan Jyoti

    CISO at Ujjivan Small Finance Bank

  • Mark Cliff Lynd

    “Leadership should require periodic reviews & comprehensive quality assurance tests for website functionality and cybersecurity verification.”

    Mark Cliff Lynd

    Executive Technology, Blockchain & CyberSecurity Consulting, Relevant Track

  • Eric Vanderberg

    “When websites fail to invalidate a user’s authentication on logoff, user accounts could potentially be accessed by malicious hackers.”

    Eric Vanderberg

    Vice President of Cybersecurity, TCDI

  • 1

    “To help mitigate against botnets, a business leader should take a serious stance with educating their staff. End users are the first line of defense.”

    Michael Fisher

    Systems Analyst, Whitcraft Group

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