Business Continuity

A major component to Internet Performance is having a solid plan to address any disaster, should the unfortunate occur. Often, businesses focus on how they will be impacted by a disaster and how it could affect revenue. Dyn’s solutions help you put the customer in focus, allowing you to effectively manage your traffic in real time and plan your expanding infrastructure.

What is Business Continuity?

Unfortunately, disasters happen. Natural or man-made, unforeseen or unexpected, all types of incidents can negatively affect your business. The key to any business continuity strategy is to be well prepared and have a plan.

For some added complexity, an effective plan depends on others, so first things first, ask your data centers about their continuity plan. Are they ready for anything that may come their way? Do they have backup generators on standby if they lose power?

The other elements of a good business continuity plan are leveraging the key DNS features available to you including: Active Failover, Load Balancing, and Geolocation Load Balancing.

Last but not least, you should have an internal plan on how you're going to communicate with your customers. Having a well-defined plan will help you make the best of a challenging situation.

Why Is Internet Continuity Critical To Your Business' Success?


The most important part of your online business is making sure your visitors can access your site. Developing a business continuity plan ensures that should you ever experience an unforeseen network disruption, you'll be in the right position to limit your revenue exposure.

Customer Experience

We all understand that there's no second chance for a first impression. Developing a strong business continuity plan will keep you in contact with your customers throughout any unexpected network interruptions. Whether it's their first visit or they visit regularly, your credibility as a sophisticated organization will be on display.

Your Brand

Every customer interaction, confirmed order, page view, product shipment, and customer service call are important reflections upon your brand. Additionally, how you act during a disruption is telling about your brand. While you will hopefully never have to implement it, having a well-defined business continuity plan is an illustration of your commitment to solid Internet Performance.

Key Elements

External Dependencies

An important element of your business continuity plan is understanding the plans of the others you rely on. Ensure that your partners have developed plans of their own that ensure your business remains stable.

Active Failover

In a worse-case scenario, it's crucial that you maintain communication with your customers to keep them informed. Active failover allows you to do just that by re-routing your traffic to an operating destination of your choosing.

Independent Services

To ensure effective business continuity, it is important to know and mitigate single points of failure. For instance, you don't want your DNS to be running at the same data centers or cloud providers as your applications since a single outage could remove your ability to route traffic around these outages.

Dyn's goal is to be the best and most trusted Internet performance solutions company in the world.

Our Experts Speak: Andrew Sullivan, Principal Architect

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