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Advanced bot detection and mitigation solution.

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Malicious bots are used by bad actors to perform a number of attacks against organizations such as content scraping, advertising fraud, credit card fraud, comment SPAM, and application layer DDoS attacks. These types of attacks are dangerous because they drain application resources such as dynamically generated web content, database resources, search index resources, e-commerce components, and API endpoints.

Oracle Dyn utilizes bot detection techniques such as IP rate limiting, CAPTCHA protection and JavaScript challenge to identify and block bad and/or suspicious bot activity while making sure legitimate bot traffic from Google, Facebook and others continue to access your web applications as intended.  In addition, Bot Manager features advanced bot detection techniques including human interaction challenge and device fingerprinting.

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  • Detects and blocks malicious bot traffic.
  • Allows and manages good bots - type, time of day, origin.
  • Includes configurable challenge/detection techniques.
  • Redirects unwanted bot traffic to preconfigured pages.
  • Provides visual bot classifications.
  • Defeats content and price scraping.
  • Defeats web - based phishing, spam, and chatbots.
  • Conserves bandwidth and web resources.
  • Defeats click fraud, credential stuffing, vulnerability scans, code injections.
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Bot Detection Mechanisms

  • JavaScript Challenge is sent to every client, attacker and real user. Legitimate browsers will pass the challenge without the user’s knowledge while bots, which are typically not equipped with JavaScript, will fail and be blocked.
  • Human Interaction Challenge identifies normal usage patterns for each web application based on legitimate user/visitor behavior analysis and provides customizable security postures for bots that deviate from the standard usage behavior, activity, or frequency.
  • Good Bot Whitelisting gives users the ability to recognize and remember good bots and allow them access.
  • CAPTCHA is a challenge intended to differentiate between computers and humans. In general, scripted bots are unable to solve the CAPTCHA and repeat the words and numbers used whereas humans are.
  • Bot Traffic Shaping is a traffic control mechanism used to detect and delay traffic created by suspicious bots, while at the same time prioritizing and whitelisting authorized traffic.
  • Device Fingerprinting generates a hashed signature of both virtual and real browsers based on 50+ attributes. These proprietary signatures are then leveraged for real-time correlation to identify and block malicious bots.

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