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You Asked, We Updated: New DynECT Zone Graphs Are Live

We had a list of feature requests from users (and from ourselves) that we wanted to incorporate into our Zone Graph reports. So with list in hand, we sent our newest DynECT developer Joe Stelmach on the hunt for the graphing software that would fulfill our needs. After exploring a half dozen alternatives, we settled on the javascript library from Highcharts JS.

And now, those new charts are live in DynECT! Here’s a breakdown of what’s new for you.

One of the first things our users will notice is that the graphs display much faster now. This was a number one complaint of our old graphing tool – both from inside and outside the organization. Believe me, we didn’t like the delay in seeing usage data anymore than you did!

By removing the Flash dependency and using a pure Javascript/Ajax display library, we also achieved mobility. Now you can view your DynECT QPS reports on any mobile device that supports javascript.

We think they just look better too. But with that eye candy comes some great attributes like per data point tool tips. Just hover over a point on the chart and get the exact data displayed.

Dynect Aggregate Zone View - A

Many of you have dozens (or hundreds and in some cases. thousands) of zones on the DynECT Platform. That makes for a very crowded display in the aggregated zone view. Now you can select specific zones to turn off in the graph, allowing you to more easily compare the query load between specific sets of zones.

Dynect Hide Zone Data Series - A

This also works on the Record Aggregate views, so you can remove the random record types from the display and focus in on the records you care about. This was a frequently requested feature from a number of users and we are thrilled to hand this over. Have fun!

One of the things we are most excited about is the ability to zoom in on a particular data set. This gives you nearly unlimited date range views outside of the canned options we provide. This is really useful for looking at a period of a small number of hours or a few days with the week or month.

Dynect - Zoom Date Range A

There are more features coming your way, but we just wanted to get this faster rendering out to you NOW. Keep your eye out for even more useful data and as always, let us know what you think of things so far.

Lisa Hagemann is the VP, Engineering of Dyn, an IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) company that features a full suite of enterprise DNS and email delivery services. Follow her on Twitter: @lhagemann and @DynInc.

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