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We’ve written before about how important page load time is to us (and how we’ve improved it on, but we’re taking it one step further: developing a resource that more effectively demonstrates the page speed impact of coding well.

Engineering excellence is incredibly important to us at Dyn and we think it should be important to you and your development team as well.

Introducing! charts a few basic examples of poorly-written code and how they measure up across browsers. We ran the tests using WebPageTest and compared them to a baseline of “good” (or better-written) code. We compared things like inefficient CSS selectors, poorly-exported images and bloated HTML.

We’re eager to hear your feedback! What tests would you like to see? What tests did we miss? What tests are most surprising? Also feel free to check out our GitHub repository to download the tests and try your own!

Lara Swanson is a web developer for Dyn, the IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) leader that features a full suite of DNS and email delivery services for enterprise, personal use and SMBs. Follow on Twitter: @LaraSwanson and @DynInc.

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