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Worldwide DNS Infrastructure Upgrades Continue: Australia, Hong Kong, Dallas

Back in January, Dyn’s Operations Team was given a monumental task: perform a series of infrastructure upgrades to Dyn’s global anycast DNS network without causing any downtime or degradation of service for our customers. This meant upgrades to each of our 17 anycast data centers – new routers, switches, servers and supporting gear.

I’ve already blogged about our significant upgrades to our US infrastructure, so now it’s time to talk about our efforts overseas.

Dyn - Australia

G’day, Mate!

In our Sydney data center, we’ve added new routing and switching equipment, including additional DNS nodes to handle queries originating from Australia. We added IPv4 and IPv6 transit from our global carrier Tata Communications, who augmented our existing NTT Communications bandwidth. Fully outfitted with dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 routing, Sydney is the last of our mini-POPs to get upgraded to full-scale service.

Yee Haw, Cowboy!

Maybe I lied a little bit as this post won’t only be about international sites, because we installed and turned up a brand new data center in Dallas, Texas, to replace our former site in the region. Hosted at the Telx facility, this new site enjoys bandwidth from our global partners NTT and Tata and provides the region with increased DNS resolution capacity.

Ni hao! Hallo! Guten Tag!

In our Hong Kong data center, we performed a complete site tear down, upgrade, and turn up, deploying new routers, switches and DNS servers throughout the site. We did the same work in Amsterdam and Frankfurt, all in a 48 hour window! This work significantly increases our capacity in the Asia Pacific and European regions.

As always, these sites are enjoying dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 routing, just like our other Dyn anycast nodes.

What’s Next?

Later this week, we’ll be performing routing maintenance on our anycast announcement, moving away from the current bandwidth provider supporting that anycast prefix to a new IPv4/IPv6 transit arrangement through Cogent Communications. Quickly following up to that work, we’ll be adding IPv4/IPv6 transit from Level(3) Communications to as well.

By making this change, we’ll be adding a significant amount of horsepower to our nodes, enhancing uptime, availability and reducing worldwide DNS latency.

What else, you ask? We have a final set of planned upgrades to be completed in Tokyo, Japan and Singapore. These upgrades will also significantly upgrade our connectivity and capacity in the Asia Pacific region and will help to decrease latency, but more on that in a future post. As always, you can track our progress of installations and upgrades by following along on our status site.

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