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World Cup Impact On Internet Performance

The World Cup has been in full swing over the past few weeks and the Internet has taken notice. With fans all over the world streaming the games on their computers, Internet performance is bound to take a hit. To see just how impactful the games have been, we looked at the latencies from Europe to Estado de Santa Catarina, Brazil.

What we saw were large peaks in latency when games aired. This trend not only highlighted which teams and rivalries were more popular, but also the need for global monitoring and management to have an effective ecommerce website. You don’t want a big game slowing you down (especially if you happen to be selling World Cup swag).

Take a look at the graph below, originally tweeted out by our Renesys handle, to see the round trip times (RTTs) during games compared to off days. Some food for thought: Will the peaks just continue to get larger as the series plays out? Which games will drive the biggest peaks?

World Cup Latencies

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