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WMPH Vacations Supercharges Its Email Sender Reputation

WMPH Vacations is boosting its marketing email sender reputation and hitting near-perfect inbox placement with Oracle Dyn Email Delivery services.

The award-winning travel agency—a cruise-vacation specialist and a top producer of bookings for all major cruise lines—owes its success in part to email marketing programs that target consumers who opt in to receive messages about vacation deals and related promotions.

“WMPH Vacations stands for ‘We Make People Happy,’ and we’re serious about that mission,” said Lyell Petersen, the travel agency’s director of web services. “We literally judge ourselves and set our goals by the number of people we make happy.”

But for a long time, WMPH Vacations used an email delivery provider that wasn’t making anyone happy. The company used antiquated technology and lacked a solid understanding of email systems architecture and deliverability best practices. As a result, WMPH Vacations’ sender reputation suffered, and marketing emails were frequently blocked by inbox providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and others.

Petersen and his team needed to find a company with the ability to do much more than simply monitor email and provide static reports about opens and bounce rates. It needed an email services partner that would offer actionable guidance and proactively work with mailbox providers to increase inbox placement and continually improve WMPH’s sender reputation. That’s why WMPH chose Oracle Dyn Email Delivery.

Prior to going live with Oracle Dyn, WMPH marketing emails were hitting fewer than 75 percent of the inboxes on the company’s mailing lists, and that number was trending downward fast. After signing on with Oracle Dyn, WMPH quickly saw dramatic improvements to its email sender reputation and inbox placement rates.

“Our first big win was about eight weeks in when we hit 100 percent inbox placement at Gmail for our primary brand,” Petersen said. “And since we’ve been on full blast with Oracle Dyn, I’ve hit 100 percent placement at certain points with all major mailbox providers across every one of our brands.”

Smooth sailing with Oracle Dyn

WMPH evaluated several providers and ultimately chose Oracle Dyn because it offers one of the cleanest, most respected email networks in the industry—and that translates to improved sender reputations for customers. Oracle Dyn complements its network with consultative reputation management services that are focused on proactive deliverability and increased inbox placement.

The Oracle Dyn team constantly monitors WMPH email delivery for these issues and has taken several steps to improve WMPH’s overall sending reputation, including contacting mailbox providers and blacklist operators to remediate problems. Oracle Dyn also solves spam trap issues, proactively managed IP pools, and offers guidance on email content best practices.

“There was very little a company like Return Path could actually do on my behalf, whereas Oracle Dyn has complete control over the architecture as well as the deliverability insights,” Petersen said. “With Oracle Dyn, I have a new member of my team that I could not have hired on my own.”

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