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With Reputation Management, The Most Reputable Sender Is On Your Team

World's Most Reputable SenderAs the Most Reputable Sender in the world, spreading the knowledge of proper reputation management is one of my life goals. With over 20% of email ending up in the SPAM folder every day, I strive to make sure that Dyn clients end up in that 80%, and the fastest way there is with a good reputation.

Even if businesses are aware that their reputation is important, they might not have the tools to properly monitor just how well or how poorly they are doing. Most may not even know when their reputation is in jeopardy. Just because you had a good reputation 2 weeks or a month ago doesn’t mean that something hasn’t drastically changed.

Enter Dyn Reputation Management

Just this week, Dyn announced its newest addition to the Message Management offerings: Reputation Management. We know that many of our customers understand and value a good reputation but may not have the means to constantly stay on top of their own.

Reputation Management gives our clients the benefits of proactive deliverability and reputation management without the need for extra manpower. The service helps improve and manage reputations by providing three key features:

Mediating Mailbox Issues With The Receiver Network

Dyn has an exceptionally clean network that is recognized by the giant global inbox providers (Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, Orange UK, etc.) as well as smaller ISPs, blacklists, and spam filters. For individual senders, it is difficult to know and maintain relationships with all these providers, but since Dyn sends billions of emails every month, we have been able to grow these relationships. If you ever do end up on a blacklist or have inboxing issues, Dyn is able to communicate on your behalf directly with blacklist or mailbox providers.

Plus, not only does Dyn monitor email sent to these giant ISPs or mailbox providers, but we also will monitor mail sent through regional ISPs or B2B domains. This makes it easier to eliminate any bad sends in your program. Current customers get this service, but Reputation Management customers get this and a dedicated Deliverability Expert to provide the insight you need prior to sending to avoid any issues.

Proactively Managing Email Sender Reputation

With Reputation Management, we’re not just going to look at what’s happening now and just wait for something to go awry. Dyn will proactively manage your reputation based on our email expertise and comprehensive deliverability data from our own statistics as well as third-party monitoring tools.

Our subject matter experts monitor various reports surrounding deliverability and engagement such as spam and junk folder analysis or open/click reports. These reports give us insight into how your program is performing and what areas could use improvement.

Best Practice Customization of Email Delivery/ MTA Settings

Your Reputation Manager will also work with you to make sure that your outbound configuration is customized to your business needs. Not every client’s audience, sending cadence, or business case is the same, and Dyn Reputation Management provides you with the flexibility, customization, and insight you need to optimize your inbox placement.

If you want to learn more about Reputation Management or how Dyn can help you with your email delivery, give us a call or reach out to me on Twitter at @InboxExpert.

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