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Why You Need Complete Protection at the Edge

In February, Oracle announced an agreement to acquire Zenedge, an integrated cybersecurity suite featuring solutions for web application firewall, bot management, DDoS protection, malware protection and API security. As the latest addition to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Zenedge expands Oracle’s Edge Services capabilities, adding innovative application and network protection that augments existing Oracle security services and partnerships.

While my colleague Kyle York previously discussed what this acquisition means to Oracle, I wanted to take a moment to discuss why it was a natural evolution for Oracle Dyn to transform from a global leader in Domain Name System (DNS), Email Delivery, and Internet Monitoring into an edge security company and how the Zenedge products can help businesses solve the major problem of the evolving threat landscape.

Complete Protection at the Edge

Anyone who follows the security space will understand that the three pillars of cybersecurity are: availability, integrity, and confidentiality.  The combined Edge Services portfolio is critical as businesses seek to deliver highly available, secure, and performant applications to their customers. The authoritative DNS portion ensures these customers are always routed to the infrastructure location best able to deliver a positive experience. Once the user’s requests reach the application infrastructure, the Oracle Dyn Web Application Security suite (formerly Zenedge) takes over to ensure protection of that user’s sensitive data, login credentials, and availability of mission-critical applications. Throughout the whole process the applications and DNS services are monitored 24/7/365 by a team of industry experts dedicated to the safety of our customers and their applications. This end-to-end coverage is critical in today’s threat landscape.

Evolving Threat Landscape

Whether you are deeply involved in the world of cybersecurity or just casually paying attention to the news, it’s no secret that cyberattacks are on the rise and their complexities are evolving. Recently we’ve seen DDoS attacks of unprecedented scale through the Memcached attacks and the massive Reaper botnet still lurks in the shadows of the dark web. Bots are becoming more and more sophisticated – able to mimic human activity and execute agile attack methods, and threat actors are harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) to up their game as well. The question is no longer Do I need protection? But Do I have the best?

Integrated Family of Edge Security Products

Oracle Dyn’s Web Application Security suite was developed with this question in mind and helps to secure critical IT systems deployed via cloud, on-premise or hybrid hosting environments. With an AI-powered web application firewall (WAF) and patented bot mitigation techniques, Oracle Dyn’s Web Application Security and 24/7 virtual Security Operations Center (SOC) defend more than 800,000 web properties and networks globally.  This human expertise is backed by a global network of security points-of-presence and high capacity DDoS scrubbing centers throughout the world, since a key aspect of modern security is to detect, mitigate and track malicious behavior as close to the threat source as possible.


Artificial intelligence is far from a buzzword. Threat actors are using it, and if your organization wants to be fully protected, you should be using it too. AI WAF leverages artificial intelligence to dynamically and automatically update security postures to protect web applications from vulnerabilities, helping to eliminate false positives while maintaining robust and adaptable protection  for your web properties. It should also be noted that AI WAF complements and automates traditional WAF rules and controls.

Bot Manager

More than half of the traffic on the Internet today isn’t human, it’s bots. They are crawling websites, scraping data, executing attacks and interacting with us in ways that are so advanced, they are nearly unidentifiable. Bot Manager utilizes methods unique to the solution to both identify and defeat malicious bot traffic while allowing good bot traffic through without diminishing the human experience on your web applications.

DDoS Protection

There is a saying, “DDoS is DDoS”, in other words “it’s going to happen”. This complacency has left many organizations ill-prepared for the sheer magnitude of DDoS attacks that we’re seeing today. Oracle Dyn’s DDoS Protection leverages RapidBGP to provide always-on monitoring and automatic rerouting once an attack is detected. When no attack is detected, the traffic flows normally to your infrastructure. Similar to an Always-On solution without any of the latency impacts or the risks of noisy neighbors during peace-time, providing the level of protection enterprises need to thwart the growing scale of DDoS.

The cybersecurity suite is fully integrated and managed through a single dashboard providing real-time analytics and reporting.

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