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Why Dyn EMEA Is Excited For The Dublin Web Summit

Dublin Web Summit LogoThe anticipated Dublin Web Summit is soon to commence on the 30th and 31st of October. Now in its 4th year, the Web Summit is expecting to attract 10,000 attendees from all over the world participating in what is described as a “festival of ideas and events.”

The summit is a cocktail of top keynote speakers, workshops, and pitches, and for the second straight year, Dyn is delighted to be part of it once again!

The Dublin Summit brings together some of the top brands, growing businesses, and the great people behind them, along with exhibitors and inspiring speakers throughout the 2-day event. The Summit also allows 150 carefully selected and exciting new companies to pitch to some of the biggest influencers in the world-top speakers, leaders, investors, and bloggers.

Here’s why we’re excited for the 2013 event.

Dyn loves startups.

The 150 startups are pitching for either the PITCHalpha for seed startups or PITCHbeta for later stage companies, a juicy opportunity for the entrepreneurs to gain investment and admiration from some of the best in worldwide businesses. A cool £500,000 pounds of investment will be dangling in front of them, so the pressure is on to impress and do justice for their business.

Critic Mania logoHaving been in awe over the 150 selected businesses, there was one in particular that got me excited: Critic Mania. If the cute little dog logo didn’t melt your heart, the simplicity and genius of this business is, in my opinion, a revolution for hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, and any business that provides goods/services direct to the consumer.

Hulya Aksu from Critic Mania told me, “Studies showed us that more then 97% of upset customers never said a thing about why they were upset or why they were leaving the brand. That is a scary statistic. Most of our customers will walk out the door and never say a word to the manager. During these slower economic times, listening to our customers and enabling to initiate conversations with our management is our responsibility.”

You text in your feedback. It’s that simple.

There are so many times I’ve sat in a restaurant and spent the entire evening in a bad mood, scowling at my partner as the dish I ordered wasn’t what I was expecting. Yet I said nothing, but instead tweeted a maddened comment. We have become a nation of venters of bad products or services online.

Too shy to cause a scene, we turn to social media to lash out at a business. “Listen to your real customers,” Critic Mania says. “Intercept the negative reviews before they hit online.” Could this be the next big thing for businesses to get feedback and monitor? It may well could be.

Arguably (and stereotypically), the British are a nation of non complainers. We find it awkward to complain. We will drink that lukewarm coffee, we will pay the £30 for that steak that wasn’t prepared how we requested, and we will drink that flat beer that tastes like its already done a lap of the keg 10 times. Critic Mania allows you to contact the manager or owner directly, giving them praise, feedback, and in the unfortunate events, criticisms.

Every business wants to (or should want to) know this feedback to improve before the negative comments hit social media. It allows the business to connect with its consumers on a personal level and get realtime feedback, pass promotions, and build loyal customers.

Customer loyalty is something Dyn champions, understands, and helps businesses do.

Meet us there.

Kyle York Dublin Web Summit
Dyn’s Kyle York (middle) at the 2012 Dublin Web Summit

With Dyn gearing up to exhibit and speak at the Dublin Summit again this year (and get proper Guinness), we are extremely excited about how we can not only work with top businesses, but help startups and expanding businesses grow.

It’s an inspiration for our team to see such creative and high-tech businesses happening all over the world, ones we know we can help grow.

We will be exhibiting on the 30th and 31st October in the main hall of RDS and our CEO Jeremy Hitchcock will be speaking. Dyn will also be sending some of our other Directors from our Global HQ in Manchester, NH, and our EMEA HQ for the 2-day event. On the evening of the 30th, Dyn will be hosting an afterparty at the Mercantile Hotel from 8 pm-2am where we will have drinks, music from The Cast Of Cheers and Cathy Davey, and lots more. Do not miss this!.

We hope to see you all at the Dublin Summit!


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