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Why Iovation & Dyn Are Coming Together In Portland, Oregon

Dyn Road Show - Portland

If you’re familiar with pro wrestling, you understand the concept of tag teams: two partners working together for one common goal. While those goals can often change due to whatever the storyline calls for, the idea is that you get a lot more done working together and playing off each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

That’s how we look at Iovation, our longtime client and friends in Portland, Oregon, one of the reasons we’re excited to come to one of the jewels of the Northwest this Tuesday. It’s the first time ever that we’re hosting a Dyn event there, but this is really a chance to share the technical stage with Iovation in a big way.

While Dyn CTO Cory Von Wallenstein and Iovation Principal Infrastructure Architect Eric Rosenberry won’t be dressed in tights or wear colorful masks, our common goal is simple as we rock Portland: to educate you on load balancing and traffic management in an effort to help your website generate more revenue than ever before.

This is why you should come to our Portland Road Show on Tuesday, October 1st.

What We’re Doing

The free event we’re putting together is what we call a Road Show where we visit a city, connect with a great client and co-present on a technical topic near and dear to our hearts. In the case of the one we’re doing on Tuesday, it will be a live and interactive version of the webinar Cory and Eric did for us earlier this year.

As someone that coordinated that webinar, I was worried the subject matter might be too narrow. I was ecstatic to be proven wrong as we had a great turnout, engaging conversation and subject matter, and a ton of questions. Seriously, we had to answer a slew of additional questions offline which doesn’t happen with a lot of webinars.

Eric Rosenberry - Dyn

So to be able to do this live at the Bluehour Restaurant and provide a free lunch is awesome for us, and the fact we still have some open slots left is even more awesome for you.

More On Eric

Without going into a tear-inducing, gushy, poetic tribute (we could!), Eric has been great to work with. He’s a founding member of our Customer Advisory Board, a power group of talent that helps us define our company’s future.

In addition to helping out on the webinar front, he also lent his likeness to an internal initiative we put together helping us better understand who our customers are (seen at right).

It’s great to have someone like him on board that we can look to for advice, feedback, and to make it possible for us to visit a new city.

So You Should Come

If it wasn’t obvious enough, we want you to attend if you’re a tech lover in the Portland area, or even just visiting the Portland area on Tuesday. Since it’s a restaurant, we do have to limit attendees but there are spots still open. Listen, ask questions, meet other cool people and learn about some things that will help you better managed website traffic.

And yes, it’s free!

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