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Why I’m Happy I’m Not Going To The Bahamas

Working at Dyn, it become fairly obvious that we like to put our own quirky slant on things. Two example: what other companies call HR we call Talent, and what others call President’s Club we call Baller’s Club (and then put a hashtag in front of it as an affectionate jab at our CRO).

As referred to earlier this week by Ashley Goodwin, Baller’s Club is an all expenses paid, five-day trip to an island getaway for the top sales people and their significant other. And given the long, cold New Hampshire winters it’s a wonderful to spend a week in January.

But I’m not going this year, and am very happy to do so. Why?

Last year, when the trip was held in Puerto Rico, my colleague Chris Gonyea and I got the invite from sales leadership as a thank you for being “exceptional revenue enablers”. It was a total honor and surprise that both ourselves and our wives had an incredibly amazing time at. (Here’s who we got to see speak.)

As 2013 was coming to a close, there was a lot excitement as the race to make it into the club came to an exciting conclusion. And because I rarely lack for confidence, I fully anticipated another invite…only it never came (my wife is still demanding a recount). The strange thing is I’m not even upset, because five people from my team got an invite instead.

Now while the selfish vacation lover part of me was like “But I really wanted to go the Bahamas!” the manager part of me is beaming with an indescribable pride. Isn’t one of the points of being a manager to help your folks move onwards and upwards? I certainly think so.

So a big congratulations to Dave Brenner, Ryan Brickett, David Grange, James McCarthy and Mikel Steadman on their incredible year and totally Baller-worthy designation!

Oh and fellas, watch your backs. I’m living proof there’s a group of up and comers that’ll be hard at work while you’re enjoying the fun and sun who want to dethrone you, myself included!

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Matt Toy is a Director, Customer Success Program Management at Oracle Dyn Global Business Unit, a pioneer in managed DNS and a leader in cloud-based infrastructure that connects users with digital content and experiences across a global internet.