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Why Dyners Decided To Donate 10 Feet Of Hair

Dyn Pantene Hair Donation
That’s over 10 feet of hair, folks.

A secret vanity of mine is that I really like my hair.

Ever since I started growing it long in the mid-2000s, I have become attached to it.  It’s become a defining characteristic of mine, and it’s one of the first things people notice when they meet me. That makes sense to me because it’s also one of the first things I notice and recognize on people I know too.

Every two years, I’ve lopped it all off for a hair donation to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program only to start growing it out again. Sometime in 2011, I did just that and came to work.  I was jokingly informed by then co-worker Lisa Hagemann that future major haircuts in our engineering teams would need VP approval first. Another employee, Cole Tuininga, told me he had a habit of donating his hair as well, though I hadn’t known him long enough to know that.  Our accounting specialist donated her hair for the first time a few weeks afterward.  Our company was around 50 people in size at that time, but I saw the pattern.  People noticed.

A bit over two years later, I was due for another haircut and Dyn was pushing well over 200 employees worldwide. I gathered some support from other employees to see how many donors I could round up for an event.  I got our community and event planning folks on board who lined up some great stylists, free Ben and Jerry’s ice cream coupons, and some awesome food from our executive chef Kevin. We even attracted a bit of a crowd!

Over 10 feet of hair was donated from 10 of our employees and/or significant others. There were minimal tears and everyone looked really great with their new haircuts, even if no one knew who Cole was anymore The event was a huge success, and a huge thank you goes out to everyone that participated!

I wonder what it’ll be like in another 2-3 years…

Some Post-Cut Pics

See the entire photo album of pre and post pics on our Facebook page!

Dyn Hair Donation Pantene
The crowd watching the cuts.

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