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Why Availability Is Still King

While speed, redundancy, and scale are all critical focuses (and rightfully so) of an Internet Performance Solutions company like Dyn, it is availability that rules as the core attribute and priority amongst any technology vendor. The importance of having network availability, maximum visibility into Internet Performance, and continuous insight on fast response times within your available network, must be highly regarded.

With thousands of miles of fiber and systems around the world, some part of a global infrastructure is bound to fail at some point. To avoid the devastation of singular or parallel physical-transit dependency, we’ve deployed diverse delegations across multiple uniquely routed BGP prefixes fostering the deployment of an extremely reliable and fast network. Reliability can be significantly improved in anycast networks because DNS services are highly distributed for each IP address across multiple nameservers creating high redundancy.

Dyn is placing your brand (DNS servers) next to your users.

Dyn Anycast Network

Placing your brand next to your users, Dyn’s IP anycast network ensures that a failure in any one component of the fastest responding data center does not cause a black-hole or outage for any given region in the world. We have succeeded in this, primarily because we place a premium on data centers hardware, software, transit redundancy, and network control.

Using multiple top tier transit providers in each geographic region and employing customer announcements across multiple anycast nameserver clouds, means we enable our customers’ users’ (the ultimate end users) ISPs to have multiple paths to our network — ensuring your brand is extremely reliable and available, at the lowest latency possible.

Dyn Network Map
Dyn Network Map

Because of this design strategy, users around the world have multiple paths to reach our network and resolve our customers’ brands, even when technical issues happen in a single POP or on a section of the collective Internet. We constantly monitor and verify these announcements ensuring optimum performance and reliability.

Focusing on network availability ensures brands and the folks that trust them are provided dependable and reliable experiences, every time. We are constantly deploying diverse connections as we grow into new markets around the world and constantly verifying that we have the best transit and ISP relationships available in our existing markets – making certain that Dyn is the premiere and most trusted Internet Performance Solutions company in the world.

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Mikel Steadman was the Director of Sales and Solutions Engineering at Oracle Dyn, a pioneer in managed DNS and a leader in cloud-based infrastructure that connects users with digital content and experiences across a global internet.