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Which World Cup Country Has the Best Internet?

The World Cup is in full swing, and fans around the world have tuned in to watch some of the best players on the planet duke it out on the field for an exciting 30 days of World Cup action. We’ve seen some heated matchups, impressive footwork, and one very mysterious bite.

At Dyn, we’ve been nerding out about the World Cup in our own way. We took a look at all 32 teams competing in this year’s tournament and thought: who will take home the trophy which country has the best Internet?

So how do the 32 World Cup-qualifying nations perform online? We scored each country based on its comparative performance to the other contenders in five different Internet-related categories. The categories, weighted in order of importance, are listed below:

  • Percent of country’s population with internet (weighted x5)
  • Average download speeds within the country (weighted x4)
  • Number of domains within the country (weighted x3)
  • Number of secure internet servers within the country (weighted x2)
  • Number of internet hosts within the country (weighted x1)

We totaled all five scores to determine each team’s final Internet Performance Score, and voila, a comprehensive look at the world’s champion (and challengers) of Internet Performance.

So what did we find? Looks like it is a good time to be from the Netherlands! Not only are they making a surprise run at the World Cup but they also take home the title of Best Internet with an impressive Internet Performance Score of 429. The country has extremely impressive download speeds and a whopping 96.08 percent of its population has internet!

Tough times for Spain who is already out of the World Cup, despite being a favorite, and was ranked number 10 on our list. Better luck in 2018!

World Cup Infographic

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