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What DNS Means to Black Friday and Cyber Monday

This past week marked two of the biggest holiday shopping days of the year, Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) and Cyber Monday (yesterday, the day that everyone returns to work). While Black Friday traditionally attracts shoppers into the malls across America, popular websites still experienced record high amounts of traffic, like who came out as the most visited site on Black Friday. This year Black Friday shopping was up over 6% from last year with 212 million spent by consumers*, the highest amount in over four years.

While the statistics for Cyber Monday are still being calculated, it was estimated that over 106 million Americans were planning to shop online this year*, another increase over the 96.5 million who shopped Cyber Monday last year. So what does this all mean? Well it means that retailers are jumping for joy, but not just because their sales were up, but also because they were able to capture those online sales — thanks to DNS!

If you aren’t familiar with the basics of DNS, you can refer back to my crash course for the basics. If you are familiar with DNS, you understand that just as millions of in store shoppers jam up stores and mall parking lots everywhere, millions of online shoppers can potentially jam up the Internet just as bad.

The solution to Internet wide traffic jams and avoiding mass hysteria because shoppers couldn’t get 10% off an iPad on eBay during a small window of time? You guessed it — superior, reliable and rock-solid DNS. Just as one minor fender bender can cause you to wait in hours of traffic, one DNS slip up could prevent you from accessing your favorite online stores in time for a sale.

As people try to access, or send look-ups to their favorite online retailer, they aren’t thinking about the other thousands doing the same thing at the same time. They just expect super fast speeds and that when given a small window to claim a super deal, they are going to be able to click the mouse and complete their transaction. For DNS servers it means working overtime to respond to these thousands of queries per second, but with managed DNS solutions like the Dynect Platform with its 17 world-wide data centers, it means much higher bandwidth and better, more even distribution of traffic load to each. If you are still a DNS newbie, it means much wider lanes on the Internet super highway and more importantly zero red lights.

As an online shopper myself I’m giving a big thanks to Dyn Inc. for making both days a smooth running success!

*Statistics taken from surveys conducted by the National Retail Federation

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