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What APM & NPM Can’t Show You

The launch and market impact of our newest product, Dyn Internet Intelligence has been nothing short of a blur — but in a most phenomenal way.

Dyn SE providing demonstrations of Dyn’s Internet Intelligence platform at Cloud Expo Santa Clara 2014.

Internet Performance Impacts Your Business

What is going on outside of your firewall right now?  Why are you getting disturbance calls from Singapore? Your Network Performance Monitoring suite says you look just fine. Your Application Performance Monitoring suite is telling you that your web apps waterfall has never looked prettier.

That doesn’t change the fact that your customers in Singapore, or Brazil, or Miami, or India, or Germany are telling you that your services are compromised. Your NOC is confused because the green lights on their wallboard isn’t stopping an entire region from complaining.  What might be even worse —  what regions aren’t complaining?  What regions have come to expect “poor performance” of your website properties?  Was your origin or prefix hijacked? How would you know?  How would you know where to begin to troubleshoot the performance of the entire Internet and the major and minor transit providers, peering exchanges, routers, and transatlantic or transpacific BGP density and availability?

To manage complex web services with lots of calls to the cloud, many businesses have invested in Application Performance Management (APM) to evaluate how a website or application is performing end-to-end from the test locations. There will also be Network Performance Management (NPM) tools ensuring the specific functions within your stack are still talking to each other. Together, APM and NPM tools are essential aids in improving a businesses infrastructure required to support an effective web experience.

Despite having an array of NPM and AMP tools at their disposal, organizations do not really have a complete, end-to-end view of how their customers reach their web sites and applications. While these products are certainly must-haves for any trustworthy business, APM and NPM products specifically focus on performance management of your internal network and application stacks. What they’re missing is visibility into the actual internet conditions themselves.  Dyn Internet Intelligence provides insight across the entire breadth and depth of the global Internet ecosystem – data centers, content delivery networks, and cloud service providers.

Monitor, Control, and Optimize

Your infrastructure assets play integral roles in driving and sustaining revenue for your company. If your website and content cannot be reached or is performing slowly, customers will take their business elsewhere. Similarly, emails that don’t reach your customers reflect poorly on your brand and negatively impact long-term revenue. Dyn’s cloud-based solutions will deliver the Internet Performance you need to optimize your revenue.

This message has been resonating with folks from executives in the board room to the sysadmin in the NOC,

Dyn Internet Intelligence
Displayed in an intuitive graphical interface, Dyn Internet Intelligence enables you to monitor and analyze your Internet performance, allowing you to plan for the future.

primarily because true Internet Intelligence fills this mysterious void in their monitoring stacks. Organizations from around the globe are trusting us — as they leverage the world’s most extensive sensor grid, global geolocation analysis and real-time internet connectivity mapping to monitor the entire breadth and depth of their global Internet ecosystem – data centers, content delivery networks, and cloud service providers.  Dyn Internet Intelligence monitors your Internet infrastructure, enabling both the analysis of your site’s global performance and the planning of performance improvements and geographic expansion. Our sales engineers, stretching from Australia AU to Brighton UK and back to Manchester NH, are constantly advising and working with a myriad of phenomenal companies, who employ an IT native, cloud, or mixed strategy, to help them realize their critical business objectives by helping them innovate and optimize their online infrastructure through the adoption of Dyn’s Internet Intelligence products and BGP traffic management networks.

How is the Internet impacting your business objectives? How is the Internet driving your infrastructure decisions? How is the Internet impacting your customers and their perception of your services and web-properties?

We can show you.


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Mikel Steadman was the Director of Sales and Solutions Engineering at Oracle Dyn, a pioneer in managed DNS and a leader in cloud-based infrastructure that connects users with digital content and experiences across a global internet.