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Amazon Joins Email Delivery World, Helps Validate SmartMTA

Everyone’s had that uneasy ‘are we alone?’ feeling when they try something new, that feeling of needing to be validated by other people joining in them in whatever success or failures will come from venturing into unknown territory.

In the technology space, trailblazing can be a scary thing but throughout history, the companies that have made a name for themselves are just fine with taking that risk. It’s what innovation is all about, Right, Steve?

In December, Dyn wanted to have a formidable presence in the email delivery space and did so by acquiring SendLabs, our group of email aces that understood the vision for Infrastructure-as-a-Service and who offered a built-in team that could not only cement what Dyn was looking to do but expand and excel at it.

Simply put, Dyn wanted to be the go-to company for those looking to deliver emails – one or a billion – and that care about deliverability in doing so.

Recently, Amazon decided to get into the same business, adding a service that is very similar to our SmartMTA…in theory. However, there are differences between our suite of services and what Amazon offers. Between pricing, how you can work with our systems in a variety of ways and the overall background in what we do, both offerings are not equal as we sit today.

But at the risk of sounding like I’m nitpicking or trying to provide a side-by-side comparison, it’s more important to note that Amazon decided to get into the email space to begin with. If email was seen as a dying medium as many link-baiters would have you believe, there’s no way that they would have made the commitment and in that case, neither would Dyn.

In a lot of ways, this affirms the vision of what Dyn set out to do by acquiring us to begin with. For nearly a decade, the SendLabs team lived in the email space and we created our own sending infrastructure, built and maintained with best practices in mind. We had a full-time deliverability expert that had to be on top of their game and ensure that we were doing the best by our customers. We’ve played a part in millions upon millions upon millions of successful emails being successfully sent and by the time, we’re old and gray, it will be billions and billions (and likely trillions!).

Thankfully, all that knowledge came with the acquisition as our entire team made the move, an awesome statement for all involved.

And from our perspective, Dyn wouldn’t have brought all of us on board if they weren’t comfortable exposing us to their awesome group of DNS clients. As we continue to build out SmartMTA and make some game-changing additions and improvements, it’s my hope that those who entrust their uptime to Dyn will entrust their email delivery needs to us as well. We take that trust very seriously and that’s why we’re 100% confident building the best damn IaaS company in the world that we can.

It sounds big, but believe it. It’s happening.

So we welcome Amazon to our part of the sandbox and hope they’re up for the challenge the email space provides. For over a decade, we learned our trade the hard way and with sleeves firmly rolled up, we’re about to turn the email services world on its ear. The marketplace and industry demands more and we’re ready to help raise the bar for everyone, competitors or not.

If you’re ready to experience the difference and be an early adopter of our email revolution, hit us up and learn about SmartMTA today.

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Whois: Josh Nason

Josh Nason is a Reputation Manager at Oracle Dyn Global Business Unit, a pioneer in managed DNS and a leader in cloud-based infrastructure that connects users with digital content and experiences across a global internet.