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Welcome To Geek Summer Camp!

Welcome all to New Hampshire for Geek Summer Camp (#GeekSummerCamp), our inaugural event like this and also the third gathering of our Thought Leadership Council, Dyn’s customer advisory board.

A few years ago, we realized there weren’t many events held during August. While everyone wants to go somewhere warm during the winter, we thought there may be a desire to going someplace temperate during the summer, especially a place that has lakes, oceans, forests, mountains, and one of the best Internet companies on the planet! That certainly sounds like Manchester, NH!

Our New Hampshire reputation precedes us. As I travel the country, people that I meet tell me their New Hampshire story. Nearly everyone has one, ranging from being an exchange student in Goffstown to skiing at Attitash to swimming in Lake Winnipesaukee to attending Philips Exeter and plenty more.

Besides the natural beauty and great schools, New Hampshire also happens to be a great place to run and grow an Internet company.  We’re just outside of Boston, but have the environment of an outdoor playground.  There’s also a nice balance of urban amenities (great sushi, theater, downtown condos/apartments, bikram yoga, mobile cupcake van, rock climbing, and a great airport to name a few).

We have an exciting program ahead, bringing people together to talk about both performance and making the Internet faster.  It’s an exciting lineup of speakers like Dean Kamen, Cricket Liu, John Lynch, Mike Rembetsy, Adrian Cole, Joshua Baer, and our own Cory von Wallenstein.

But the most important part is you.

Please enjoy spending time with your fellow campers trading stories of scaling sites and building technology that the world relies on. While you are at it, take a couple days to relax and decompress to recharge. You deserve it. It will be a great time and we’re looking forward to having you.

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