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Dyn Welcomes Symantec’s Norton Brand To The DNS Space And Quality DNS For All

This time we can have our cake – and eat it too.

You may remember us welcoming Google to the DNS game a few months back with cake and champagne. That was exciting for us because it further proved what we had been shouting from the roof tops for the past 12 years, “DNS is important!!”. Having a major player like Google interested in the space validated our passion for this technology, that remains mostly behind the scenes, but is extremely important for anyone online (from Web surfers to website operators).

Today we take another great step forward, and this time we are having our cake and eating it too. Symantec’s Norton division launched its “Norton Everywhere” initiative that includes a Norton DNS component, and it’s powered by none other than the good folks at Dyn Inc. Earlier in the year we launched our recursive DNS offering called Internet Guide which allowed our users to “Surf Without the Sharks”. This free service was an easy to use option for anyone looking to secure and protect their computers from phishing attacks and block unwanted content. Now this same technology will be integrated into the Norton family of solutions and will reach even more eyeballs than the millions we serve each day.

While this is huge news for us, it’s also huge news for the world of DNS. Our latest “DNS is Sexy” campaign announced our mission to make DNS a mainstream technology by building awareness to a wider audience, and this partnership with Symantec (and the Norton brand) is just another step in spreading this message. If you polled a room full of smartphone, iPad, laptop users, you might get some blank stares if you ask them what DNS stands for or what it does (it’s the Domain Name System people). While we know this won’t immediately change, we feel great in knowing that even though people might not know the technology behind it, they will be familiar with the security, reliability and speed great DNS provides.

Everyone is online today, and whether they know it or not they are depending on DNS to get them to their favorite sites. At Dyn Inc. we are proud to make this a safer, better, faster, and yes, even a sexier experience.

Read more about “Norton Everywhere” and the partnership with Dyn Inc.
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Kyle York
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